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I am from Novi Sad, Serbia, President of scale modellers club “Ikar of Novi Sad”
My first interest are 1/48 aircraft models, but sometimes I like to build some other kind of models

P-47D Thunderbolt, Academy 1/48

my last model of ex Yugoslavia P-47D from Technical Museum, Zagreb,Croatia

F-86 E/M, Academy 1/48

My last work, the Academy F-86E 1/48 in Yugoslav colors. Markings are home made with decal paper + painting masks

BAe Hawk 100, Airfix 1/48

Nieuports Ni-11 & Ni-23, Eduard 1/48

My last three models which I have just finished. Models represent Serbian aviation from ww1

Boeing 767-300, Hasegawa 1/200

B-747/400, Lufthansa, Hasegawa 1/200

B-737, Lufthansa, Virgin, Malev, Hasegawa 1/200

B-737/300 & 400, YU-AOS, YU-ANJ, YU-ANF, YU-AND, JAT, hasegawa 1/200

Md-87, Hasegawa 1/200

Austrian Airbus A-321, Revell 1/144