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Based in Sweden and South Australia. Armour, soft skin, aviation, weird contraptions, anything goes on my build table.

M123 HMUPS Gun truck

In times of need, you do what you have to do. Even if it means scrounging the base mail delivery vehicle for service. The now well known M123 HMUPS was originally a stop gap initiative by local troops on over seas deployment but was so successf[...]

Grandpa´s jeep

Been experimenting a bit lately. Being very fond of the classic jeep I got an idea I wanted to realize. As in many countries one can find old military vehicles with an interesting background in Sweden. After many years of doing research and coll[...]

Tamiya´s SU 122 off to a new home

Decided to get rid of some models I have had for a long time, they will now go to a new home. The brown/green/black is a WhIF in Swedish camouflage and markings, as if used in the 1940s. The second one is painted using an illustration as inspir[...]

More simulators at Arboga missile museum

At the Arboga missile museum one can play with some more simulators if one is not too tired after a full mission in the Saab J 35 B Draken sim. First is a genuine MOMSUL, (momentsimulator) simulating RB 05 missile shots on fixed or moving target[...]

Arboga missile museum

At Arboga missile museum you will find most things associated with missile technology in the Swedish armed forces. Included in the collection are also cockpits, simulators, engines, library, models and equipment for testing and firing missiles. [...]

Saab AJS 37 Viggen cockpit

Another cockpit from the Arboga missile museum. This time it´s a multi role AJS 37. A is for attack, J is for fighter and S is for recce. Hope it gives you a general feeling for the colours and working environment in the pilot´s office. If the J[...]

Saab J 35B Draken cockpit

At the missile museum in Arboga, Sweden, one may see and play with a whole assortment of things. The biggest "toy" is the J 35B Draken simulator, a real front section still having all its knobs and dials. Many of the functions are hooked up to a[...]

Reconnaissance squadron F 11 museum

This Saturday I went to the F 11 museum right outside the town of Nyköping, Sweden. F 11 stands for Flygflottilj no 11, the former recce squadron of the Swedish Air force. A number of propeller and jet aircraft have been based here through the y[...]

Fiat GB.500 bis

Right, you say, there were never anything like that...i think. Well, anyway, here they are. In the 30´s the Italian Fiat company desperately needed a new product. All in-house designs were deemed too...Italian, and thus Fiat ventured to other co[...]

Thulin X

What if...what if Enoch Thulin´s aeroplane factory got a licence to produce Fokker E.V after WW 1, for the Swedish Flying Corps/Air force? In my plastic factory anything is possible. I had an Eduard Fokker E.V in 1/48 sitting on my shelf for qui[...]