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Former U/S. Marine
Retired executive chef
I normally do dioramas about U.S. Marine Corps Too lttle dioramas have been done about PTO, Korea and Vietnam. Now that i am retired can do this
I am married with 2 children and 4 Grand children


1st Battalion 13th Marines, Khe Sanh, 1968. 105 mm howitzer

Thanks for looking Tom

Corsair Korea

This is another attempt at making a aircraft model I keeep trying hopefully this one turned out correct if not then I quit. I had some problems putting on the nose decal Tom

Tunnel Rats

The VC used caves for all sorts of things like medical station, hiding food stores and stored weapons. This diorama depicts a U.S. Marine squad finding such a tunnel and preparing to go down in it Thanks for looking Tom

Hill 881 Viet Nam 1967

Fierce fighting for Hill 881 N. The Hill was one of several strategically imporant hills surrounding Khe Sahn in western Quang Tri Province in Vietnam's I Corps. The fighting between the Marines and North Vietnamese Army (NVA) regulars took plac[...]

Dong Ba Tower

This diorama depicts Delta 1/5 taking the Dong Ba Tower in Hue 1968 The tower had to be taken so the Marine could advance into The Citadel Thanks for looking Tom

Fire and smoke on Iwo Jima

This i my depiction of an Marine squad burning out the caves on Iwo. This was also my first attempt to make smoke. Sorry i I.m boring you with my old builds Thanks for looking Tom

Across the reef

At dawn on 20 November 1943, U.S. marines launched an assault on Tarawa, a Japanese-held atoll in the British Protectorate of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands. The water in the lagoon was only 3 feet deep that morning, less than the 4–5 feet requ[...]

Red Beach 1 Betio

In November 1943 the 2nd US Marines Division landed on a small Betio island in the Tarawa atoll in the Pacific. The island, only a few square kilometers large, was defended by 4500 Japanese soldiers There were many things during the Beto landin[...]

Frozen Chosin

Gemtlemen This a depiction of a Marine unit fighting back the Red Chinese On 27th Nov. 50, thousands of Chinese troops swarmed over the frozen Yalu River, on the N. Korean/Chinese border, cutting off US Marines in the Chosin Reservoir area. Ov[...]

Marine Air Wing

This is the first aircraft modelI have made. it is totally out of my comfort zone. the diorama depicts Marine pilots getting ready for a sortie. off an Aircraft Carrier Tom