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Enjoying 2nd modelling career after retirement. Main interests BoB and WW1 a/c but food, wine and local history rate quite highly. Published some books on the BoB which seem mildly popular.

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First of 3 Local BoB Bf 110 casualties

Around my home town of Eastbourne during August and September 1940, no less than 3 Messerschmitt Bf 110 heavy fighters were brought down over land and probably many others were lost off the coast, unable to regain comparative safety in north Fra[...]

September 1940 – Ready for the next sortie over England

A fit of over-enthusiasm a couple of years ago suggested it'd be a good idea to put together a diorama depicting a typical Jagdwaffe camouflaged revetment as summer came to a close in 1940 somewhere in the Calais area of N France as a base for o[...]

Monster Triplane Wit a bit of Tinkering

As threatened previously, here are some pics and the background to what started out as one of those Hachette (very expensive) part works that claimed to give you a 1/8th scale model of the Red Baron's Fokker Triplane. An old chap who died a coup[...]

Revell 1/28 Scale Fokker Triplane

Back in the mid 1960s, I developed an interest in Voss and the Triplane that he flew until his death in September 1917. This was probably when Revell brought out their series of WW1 scouts in this unusual scale, so I tried to make Voss' 103/17 w[...]

Blackadder Goes to War

Away from my normal focus on the BoB, I made this 1/48 Roden kit some time back after meeting the son of William Francis Blackadder, who joined the Auxiliary air Force in 1937 and in mid November 1939 flew with 607 (County of Durham) Squadron to[...]

Airfix 1/24 Scale Bf 109 E-4/N – Duxford’s W Nr 1190

I made this some years back, having seen some interesting articles about adding realistic detail to the old Airfix moulding of the 109 E. The result's since been sold to someone who made me an offer I couldn't refuse at an Aerojumble a few years[...]

Airfix 1/24 Scale Ju 87B – 6 StG 1

Made for an old pal, I decided that by July/Aug 1940, the Stukas that remained in service would have looked used and abused. They'd followed the advancing Wehrmacht through N Europe from field to field, then operated intensively over the Channel[...]
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