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Tamiya 1/35 JGSDF Type 16 Tank Destroyer

Lockdown build number 2 (well number 1 is continuing the build of the Tamiya 1/35 Matilda) is this modern JGSDF Type 16 (my first modern armour). Being build out of the box with a what-if camouflage scheme - home made digital scheme to be paint[...]

Opel blitz 3 t with flak 38

The Tamiya model, whose mold is from 2008, is simple with a correct exploded view and a lot of finesse in detail. In its assembly, following the photos of the time, I removed the sides of the box and built with plastic sheets stringers screwed [...]

1/35 Takom G6 Rhino 155mm SPH

Now completed - my 1/35 TAKOM G6 'Rhino' I have done it in to overall brown used by the SA Army during the bush war and up to 1994. It is shown with its spades/feet down and up as these are working. Paints used for main colour - Vallejo 70.921[...]

B1 Centauro (Late Version) – Trumpeter 1/35

This is the Trumpeter B1 Centauro Late Version 3rd Series. Although I don’t have a lot of interest in modern armored cars with limited service, the Centauro just has such sports car like lines that I couldn’t resist building it. I think they s[...]

1/35 TRC Lorraine 37L

Latest calling it done - a 1/35 TRC Lorraine 37L. Load done using balsa blocks on a flat piece, then covered with tissue pasted down with watered down PVA glue.

1/35 RPM SD.KFZ 135 Ambulans

My recently completed SD.KFZ 135 Ambulans. This is a captured French vehicle put into use by the Germans at Stalingrad. It was painted using Vallejo German Grey then lightened using Vallejo Basalt Grey. The canvas on the rear was made using tiss[...]

Overloon Museum (Holand)

The museum was opened on May 25th 1946, making it one of the oldest museums in Europe dedicated to the Second World War. The museum is located on the site of the Battle of Overloon, a World War II tank and infantry battle between Allied and Germ[...]

Easy Eight in 48

Another 1:48 beauty from Tamiya that went together flawlessly. I started this kit intending to do it OOB. But every picture shows them loaded up to some extent. I added aftermarket gas cans, stowage and ropes. The weathering process was the[...]

Challenger I Mk.3

Just one more armor posting for this week. I am doing my best to catch up with some of you guys as a new member. Thank you all again for your help and encouragement so far. It’s a big inspiration to keep building. This is my Tamiya Challeng[...]

IDF Centurion Shot Cal

This is my build of the 1/35 scale AFV Club Centurion Shot Cal – one of my favorite armor subjects. I did it as a vehicle serving in the Golan in 1973. A number of Centurions lost their side skirts in that intense action. I prefer the look of[...]