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Tamiya 1/24 Porsche Rothmans 956 – 1982 Le Mans winner – Jacky Ickx, Derek Bell

I just finished this kit - good kit with lots of detailing possibilities. I used Indycals decals, Zero 2K primer and paints, and Gravity 2K clear. All my models:

Monogram 427 cobra sc 1:24 scale

My first of many models to come

FIAT 806 GrandPrix

The story of a nightmare This is the most poor quality model I have assembled in a long time. For me Italieri has done a terrible job with this kit, the plastic is very rigid and it is split by itself, practically all the pieces have burrs, the[...]

A – 1/24 Scale Mercedes Benz/540 by Italeri.

I just posted my Rolls Royce car model so it's best that I duplicate another fancy model and like the "RR"model, I found some real photos of the "540." I have heard of the name Mercedes Benz company but what does the "540" mean? Another o.o.b. m[...]

An English Rolls Royce Phantom-II car.

The box art says that this model is made by "Italeri" and its' in 1/24th scale. All the parts were 99% free of flashing and sink marks. This car was built almost "o.o.b." just like so many of my other models. I added some wires to the engine an[...]

Vintage Revell Volkswagen Sedan 1:40 scale

In order to build some old models that bring me many memories, as already mentioned in previous posts about Revell Tradewind, I have finished the vintage Revell Volkswagen Deluxe Sedan Kit No. H-952: 59 - 1:40 scale, from the 1960s in Brazil. I [...]

Honda RA272 1965 Mexican Grand Prix

Hi folks, Tamiya's 1/20 F1 racer, as piloted by Richie Ginther to victory in the 1965 Grand Prix in Mexico City. Honda's and Goodyear's first Formula One win; he won 2.89 seconds ahead of the next car :) (source: Wikipedia). I love the 1960's [...]

1/25th Revell “Kurtis Midget Racer”

Double WOW!!!! I found this model on the web and bought it flat out. Why would I do that? Let's back up to 1947 as this is the answer. My cousin "Jim" came home from the Navy in late 1945 and lived with his parents in Alliance, Ohio. He got a [...]

Koenig Spider

Another fine looking sport's car to build and add to my growing car collection beside's all those Cadillac's. I may have just polished out the white car body as I do not recall all the things I did to it. Enjoy RJW

Old’s Aerotech Car

This was my 2nd car model after I made my pink Caddy. I don't have any "in-progress" building images and I do not recall who's silver looking paint I used as I built it in the early 1990. As mentioned in other car stories, the "value price" was [...]