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Studio 27 1/20 Super Aguri Honda SA006 – 2006 Grand Prix of Japan

Kit: Studio27 1/20 (FK20180) Paint: - Eastwood 2K Primer (ZP-3014) - Zero Paint Pure Brilliant White (ZP-1026) - Zero Paint Red (ZP-1074) - Zero Paint Diamond 2K Clear (ZP-3006) Decals: - kit markings - Tamiya and Scale Motorsport carbon de[...]

My real ’64 Pontiac Bonneville

I bought this car new for 4 grand in the fall of 1963. I never found a model of it when I got into model building in would have made a beautiful model.

The Original Muscle Car – 1:24 Monogram 1964 Pontiac GTO

In early 1963, General Motors' management banned divisions from involvement in auto racing. This followed the 1957 voluntary ban on automobile racing that was instituted by the Automobile Manufacturers Association. By the early 1960s, Pontiac'[...]

VW Polo WRC 1/24

This is Belkits 1/24 VW Polo WRC. A great kit (although expensive), with excellent decals.

Tamiya Toyota TS050 LMP1 car in 1:24

After finishing the Hurricanes for the MAI Battle of Britain series earlier in the year, I decided I needed a bit of time off from model making and to do a few different builds. So - having completed a Fujimi Lamborghini for my son, I decided to[...]

Honda McLaren MP4/4 – Tamiya 1/20

Hello everyone, this is Ayrton Senna's 1988 MP4/4 F1 car. I finished it way back in 2012 and I think I used an iPhone 4s for the photos. For the white and red I used Tamiya spray cans TS-26 Pure White and TS-36 Fluorescent Red. I airbrushed Tami[...]

Pink Pig Porsche

2018 was Porsche’s 70th anniversary and part of their celebrations was to apply two of their past liveries to the latest 911 RSR machines, namely the blue and white Rothmans scheme and the subject of this model the Pink Pig. The scheme the butc[...]

Lotus Ford Type 72C, Jochen Rindt

Lotus Ford Type 72C, Jochen Rindt Kit: Ebbro 1/20 (20009) Paint: - Zero Paint 2K Primer (ZP-3014) (A primer is really needed on this kit since the body is molded in red styrene. The red bleeds through even this 2K primer. - Zero Paint Gold Le[...]

Lotus Renault 97T, Ayrton Senna’s first win -1985 Portuguese Grand Prix.

Kit: Fujimi 1/20 (GP03) Accessories: Studio27 Carbon decals (ST27-CD20032) Tabu Sponsor decals (TBD230) Paint: Zero Paint 2K Primer (ZP-3014) Zero Paint Lotus F1 JPS Black (ZP-1121) Zero Paint Diamond 2K Clear (ZP-3006) Album: All my mode[...]

Tamiya 1/20 Ferrari 312T3

Hi There, This was picked up in Perth at the Scottish Nationals last year with the idea that it could be a test and learning build for the 3 Ebbro kits that I have lying as I want them to be as good as possible. I built this kit in my last sum[...]