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Autozam AZ-1

Here’s another one you are unlikely to find on your local used car lot. The Autozam AZ-1 began as a Mazda styling exercise in 1985. After several design iterations and show models it finally made it to showrooms in 1992. Among its unique featur[...]

Alfa 8C Monza 1/12 Scale Post Race

Hi friends. Here is my latest build, the Itaileri 1/12 scale Alfa Romeo 8C Monza. This is a fiddly kit to say the least, I really don't understand the use of tiny screws and bolts on a plastic kit but what do I know lol. This is definitely an ol[...]

Vintage Revell 1/45 scale Ford Consul De Luxe

Here is my tribute to the vintage Revell 1/45 scale Ford Consul De Luxe. This is following my goal to build and/or restore some old models that could bring me some good memories. I acquired this model from Andrew Burford (Leicester - England), t[...]

Benz Patent Motorwagen 1886 – ICM – 1/24

Hello everyone My latest build is the exquisite ICM's kit, Benz Patent Motorwagen 1886 in 1/24 scale. A very good kit, highly recommended for a pleasant weekend job.

John Deere 310

This is the latest edition to my tractor collection, Ertl's John Deere 310. As a kid, I always wanted this kit, but never found it in the hobby stores I had available to me. I recently found this original 1975 kit on eBay for reasonable price,[...]

Porsche 356C Cabriolet (Revell GmbH 07043)

At long last, Finished! (more about that later). I took the paint inspiration from several 1-1 cars I found online. The body is a blend of decanted Tamiya spray: British Racing Green, Brilliant Blue, and White. The interior is two different blen[...]

1:25 John Deere 4440 – Ertl 4430 Conversion

A good friend of mine found this kit at a garage sale for me. While my first 4430 build was the re-packaged 1990s version of the kit this one was the original kit from the 1970s. The inside of the box is stamped OCT 25 1973. Which I though was[...]


This is my take on the Alfa 2300 Monza. It's a fairly poor kit and reqired quite a bit of work. I've used somewhat massive amount of add ons, all scratch built to fit. The engine bay is re-wired with various copper and vinyl pieces and a new ign[...]

Red Bull Renault RB8 Revell 1/24

My first racing car model, Red Bull Renault RB8 from Revell 1/24 driven by Sebastian Vettell during the German Grand Prix 2012 season, I had the chance to see this car during the EEUU Grand Prix in Austin Texas; Vettel won his third Drivers' cha[...]

Tamiya 1/12 xv1600.

Here's the next chapter in my current motorcycle fixation. It's Tamiya's XV1600 Custom which I have modified slightly to look more like a "semi-customised" version.... I removed all the kit's fake chrome and re-did all the metal with assorted Al[...]