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Building, painting and finishing scale aircraft models.

Video: Hellcat update. First of many... probably!

See that bit above the video...? 😉

Alan Clark’s stunning Hawker Tempest

Posting the first article on a new site takes a lot of deliberation, as one would very much like it to be reflective of the site's vision. I can find no better object to inaugurate iModeler with than this, the magnificent 1/16 scale [...]

Video: A little (long!) introduction and where I is at!

Thought it about time to say hello in person and not with some white text on a white background... audio glitches an all!

Video: Eduard 1/32 Bf 109E-4 with aftermarket goodies. The build - Part 2

To use internet parlance: OMG! It's finished! Many of you have been asking about this build, so here, at long last, it is. Hope it was worth the wait...!

Video: ICM 1/48 LaGG-3 Part 2Winter Distemper

Well, it went slightly differently in my head - and by differently, I mean better - but it is what it is and here it is! PS: For all of you who have asked and waited patiently, part 2 of the Bf109E-4 will be arriving shortly! 🙂

Video: ICM 1/48 LaGG-3 Part 1 - The Build

Please excuse the multitude of white balance settings on this one - it's borderline multicoloured!

Video: The Man Cave.

Where all future magic will (hopefuly) happen!

Video: Eduard 1/144 Ju-87D Stuka Part 2: The build!

After a little teaser from the last video showing you how I vacformed the canopy for the little Stuka, here's the rest of the build.

Video: Eduard 1/144 Ju-87D Stuka Part 1: Vacforming the canopy!

Not a build video in the typical sense - that will be part 2 - but I just thought I'd show you all how I made my own canopy for this kit. Having built the cockpit from sctarch, the original one-piece canopy, being rather thick, would have [...]

Video: A look at Airfix's new-tooling of the 1/72 Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero

Took delivery of this little beauty a few days ago. I was eager to see just what improvements Airfix had made over their dreadful original after my experience with it earlier this year and I have to say the improvements are many. Other [...]