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Building, painting and finishing scale aircraft models.

Space Shuttle Craft, Revell 1/189?

This reusable Shuttle concept is a design by Krafft A. Ehricke, a rocket scientist while working for Convair. It dates back to the late fifties, While the craft would never be built,he was correct in the concept, multiple stages for the [...]

Finnish Lagg-3 by LTD Models

Greetings iModeler compadres. My latest project is a captured Soviet Lagg-3. The model kit is by the limited run LTD Models, who were a subsidiary of the old mail order-retail powerhouse Squadron Shop. The model was made in the Czech [...]

Airfix 1/72 Lysander Mk. III (SD), Burma

I saw a couple of images of the Lysander in this Burma scheme, found decals for it, and boom! - project on! I had this old bagged Airfix kit in the stash, and with the ribbing and rivets already there, it had a surprisingly good exterior [...]

12 - Matchbox 1/72 Aermacchi G.91Y

The first of I hope a lot of Italian military subjects. The G.91 is a really beautiful plane and if it weren't for politics would have been widely utilised throughout Europe and even USA. When looking through references I found 1 photo of [...]

Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-3 times two

Subject: MiG-3 Kit: 1/48 Trumpeter Fun kit to build! Album:[email protected]/albums/72157720104151092 All my models:[email protected]/albums/72157603606379755 Photo Editing: Adobe [...]

1/48 Hobby Boss Me-262

Good kit, the variant Me 262 A-1a/U1, a bit fantasy from what I read. First time I attach some ordnance on a scale model plane, I liked the idea of rockets on the first jet fighter, even that maybe the build is wrong. The good news is that [...]

Blast From the Past: Atlantis (Revell) F11F-1

This is a "new" kit from Atlantis, which is actually the 1956 Revell 1/54 model of the "short-nose" F11F-1 Tiger used by the Blue Angels in the 1950s. Atlantis has been re-releasing old Revell kits for a while, at [...]

Tamiya MiG-15bis, 1:48

Found this kit at a yard sale intact and way cheap! older kit, but as all Tamiya's went together extremely well. Had to buy new decals, the kits decals were faded and cracked. Thanks 🙂

Hawker Hurricane MK.I, No. 303 RAF (Polish) Squadron

Hello everybody, For my 3rd post in ‘Work in Progress’ I chose the Hurricane form Airfix in 1/48th scale. The full review is available on this [...]

Mini Hobby Models 1/48 Su-27M

Hi everyone! This my Mini Hobby Models 1/48 Su-27M, finished as s/n 703 during its early days! The Su-27M was designed by the Soviet Union as a multi-role successor to the strict air defense Su-27. The first prototype made its maiden [...]