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On This Day…November 12th.

A really nice photo of a SBD-5 Dauntless flying over the USS Washington (with the USS Lexington in the beckground) heading toward the Gilbert Islands, 12 Nov 1943. In this photo, members of an RAF technical intelligence team are seen climbin[...]

On This Day…November 11th.

Twenty one Fairey Swordfish launch from the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious for the raid on Taranto on 11th November, 1940. ...and one of the Swordfish that took place in the battle that ditched in Cefalu, Sicily. A NCO briefing his me[...]

Never Forget

Latest news from Paul Fisher

Latest news from Paul: His mother-in-law and kids are coming out from Denver to get him and Suzy and whatever they saved, they will be staying with family in Denver while they figure out how to proceed. Yes, the shop was wiped out.

Telford kit news: Airfix 1/48 new releases – Blenheim Mk. I, Hawker Hunter

Reporting live from Telford: In 1/48 scale, Airfix has been presenting a new 1/48 scale Hawker Hunter F.6 and the long-awaited 1/48 Bristol Blenheim Mk. I. Both kits are completely ready and scheduled for release already this month.

Telford kit news: Wingnut Wings Lancaster 1/32 [VIDEO]

Telford kit news: Airfix announces a 1/24 scale Grumman F6F Hellcat

Reporting live from IPMS Scale Modelworld in Telford, here is the newest announcement from Airfix, fresh from the show floor. We have been expecting something big and impressive, and the choice of 1/24 scale does not disappoint :) Having said[...]

On This Day…November 10th.

In memory of those who never came home. On November 10, 1951, while on a combat mission, First Lieutenant Mike Rebo was part of flight of 12 F-84Es attacked by 24 to 30 MIG-15s 30 miles southwest of Pyongyang, North Korea. The last radio mess[...]

IPMS UK Telford Scale Modelworld Special at iModeler

The IPMS UK Scale Modelworld 2018 in Telford is on during the weekend. Stay tuned for the comprehensive coverage sent live from the event, commencing on Saturday 10am GMT. We have also set up a dedicated Scale Modelworld Channel to let you book[...]

On This Day…November 9th.

9th November 1942. Troops loading mines onto an Avro Lancaster as they prepare to lay them in the North Sea.. The installation of a gun in number 2 turret of battleship USS North Carolina (BB55), New York Navy Yard, Brooklyn, on the 9th Novem[...]