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The cover art arrived today

So. Available for pre-order at your favorite online retailer. (Comes out in February 2109) Includes: "The Fight That Never Happened" - Royce Williams in an F9F-5 goes 1:7 against Russian-flown MiG-15s of the Red Air Force and shoots down four[...]

On This Day…October 30th.

On October 30th, 1938 Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre, New York City, staged a radio adaptation of the H. G. Wells novel 'The War of the Worlds' in an "as live" format that fooled at least some Americans into believing that Martians real[...]

On This Day…October 29th.

US Coast Guards help a damaged PB2Y Coronado after losing a wing float on landing in Jamaica Bay, New York City, 29 Oct 1943. Infantry of 51st Highland Division and Sherman tanks near Udenhout, Holland, 29 October 1944. American troops sur[...]

On This Day… October 28th

Following the theme of downed Battle of Britain aircraft, here is the first Luftwaffe plane to be brought down on British soil. The Heinkel was flying with a Luftwaffe squadron who had been dispatched to destroy Royal Navy vessels in the Firt[...]

On This Day…October 27th

After a few days of focus on the Pacific theatre, there's something of a Battle of Britain theme to begin today. The Messerschmitt Bf 109 E (Oberleutnant Karl Fischer) shot down in Windsor Great Park, London. Another BF109E - 'White 13' -[...]

On This Day…October 26th.

A momentous day for iModelers. One of the truly great fighters of World War II, the P-51 was first flown today on 26 October 1940. At Mines Field, Los Angeles, California (now, Los Angeles International Airport), test pilot Vance Breese took the[...]

On This Day…October 25th.

John Basilone. On 25th October (and the hours before and after) in Guadalcanal Basilone transcended the human condition when he held a gun placement with his small team against 3.000 Japanese. His heroics in holding a crucial position have pa[...]

On This Day…October 24th.

One of the most shocking and enduring images from World War 2 was taken on October 24th, 1943. Sergeant Len Siffleet was an Australian Commando captured by partisan tribesman in Papua New Guinea and handed over to the Japanese who tortured, st[...]

On This Day…October 23rd

The Nieuport 17 (No. 1831) of Lt Joseph Maria of Squadron N 77 captured by the Germans, October 23, 1916... Medic James Parks of the 133rd Infantry Regiment carrying a wounded German through the streets of St. Angelo d'Alife, Italy, on 23 [...]

On This Day 22nd October…

The battle of Stalingrad was the largest conflict in the history of warfare. Around two million people were killed, wounded, or taken prisoner (read, killed) in the five month German offensive and Russian defence. This photo was taken on 22nd O[...]