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On This Day…October 21st.

The Dornier Do X (the largest and most powerful flying boat in the world) broke the world record for passengers carried when on 21st October, 1929 she flew with 169 people on board. Because of its massive size passengers were actually asked to [...]

On This Day…October 20th

A TBD-1 Devastator of Torpedo Squadron Six (operating from the Enterprise) drops a Mark 13 torpedo during exercises in the Pacific, October 20. General McCarthy arrives at Red Beach, Leyte, October 20, 1944. Historians are divided over the [...]

On This Day…October 19th

The USS Ticonderoga leaving San Diego for Vietnam on this day in in 1966. While in Vietnam the Ticonderoga launched 11,650 combat missions. She was awarded her second Navy Unit Commendation for services in that conflict. A year earlier, in [...]

On This Day…October 18th

The photo below captures the launch of the USS Princeton on October 18th, 1942. Originally laid down as a Cleaveland-class Light Cruiser with the name 'Tallahassee' she was reclassified as an Independence-class Light Aircraft Carrier and give[...]

iModeler September Awards

Once again it is time for our monthly retrospective - a look back at some of the notable articles posted at this site during September. After the usual summer lull, we all went back to our workbenches - and this brought 131 new entries adorning[...]

On This Day…October 17th

The Enterprise arriving in New York City on October 17, 1945. She had just returned from Pearl to the US mainland with almost 1,500 servicemen for discharge, and was in the Big Apple for the upcoming Navy Day celebrations. It is very hard to im[...]

On This Day…October 16th

Photo of the US Navy collier ‘USS Jupiter’ taken on 16 Oct 1913. After an extensive rework in 1922 the USS Jupiter become the USS Langley (CV1) - the United States’ first aircraft carrier. The first aircraft carrier designed as such was not laid[...]

On This Day…October 15th

On the 15th October, 1940, the Luftwaffe dropped over 530 tons of high explosives on London, killing more than 400 civilians. This photo was taken in the immediate aftermath on Balham High Street... ...while on the very same day this photog[...]

On This Day…October 14th

The photo below is of the USS Langley (CVL27) taken just off Taiwan on October 14th, 1944. The flight deck crew are seen taking cover from a Japanese aircraft (dead centre of the photo). The Langley served in the French Navy as ‘La Fayett[...]

On This Day…October 13th

October 13th 1944... Crew of a PBY Catalina rescue Sgt James Latta and Sgt Willis Morlan out of the Adriatic after being forced to bail from their B-24H Liberator after a raid on Vienna, Austria. Crew of the USS Wasp (originally named the Or[...]