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On This Day…May 2nd.

Today marks the 74th anniversary of the last Bomber Command raid on Germany during World War Two. The photograph above shows an RAF crew with their Mosquito and it’s 4,000 lbs bomb to be used on a raid against the Kiel canal (Germany) to disru[...]

On This Day…1st May.

Martin PBM Mariner after sinking Japanese cargo ship off Mokpo, Korea. 1st of May, 1945. ____________________ Vought F4U 4 Corsairs disembarking from USS Altamaha at Guiuan Harbour, Samar, Philippines, on 1st May 1945. _________________[...]

On This Day…April 30th.

M24 Chaffee of D-Company (27th Tank Battalion-20th Armoured Division) driving through the streets of Munich on 30th April, 1945. ____________________ ‘Tiger at the Gate’ Berlin, 30th April 1945, by David Pentland. ____________________ [...]

On This Day…April 29th.

Me 262 A-1a of JG/2 flown by Franz Holzinger, captured at Lechfeld, Germany on 29th April, 1945. ____________________ Allied air forces making food drops on Netherlands, April 29th, 1945. ‘Operation Manna’ and ‘Operation Chowhound’ were[...]

On This Day…April 28th.

Kurt Knispel joined the Wehrmacht in 1940 as a soldier in the 12th Panzer Division, and he became a naturalized citizen of Nazi Germany, being born Czechoslovakian. Knispel fought initially on the Eastern Front against the Russian Red Army, an[...]

On This Day…April 27th.

A beautifully haunting memorial to two B-17 crews, one of which went down near Rocheville, France, on April 27th 1944. The Fortress took flak on left wing, caught fire and spun to the ground, crashing near Le Pont Durand, two miles S of Roche[...]

On This Day…April 26th.

26th April 1944, American Thunderbolt dive bombers, some carrying 500 lb bombs take off from an airfield in England. ____________________ Coastal Command Mosquitos pictured landing at their base in Scotland after a raid on Nazi shipping in t[...]

Variety is the spice of life as April heads to a close

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On This Day…April 25th.

Hurricane Mk IIds of RAF 6 Squadron, Gabes, Tunisia. These photos of the ‘Flying Tin Openers’ (tank busting squad, see emblem below) were all taken April 1943. ____________________ Soviet and US troops meet up across the river Elb[...]

On This Day…April 24th.

A pilot rests under his Gustav-2 between sorties in a Utti airfield, Finland, 1943. ____________________ USS Maryland (BB-46, ‘Old Mary’) and destroyers USS Hovey and USS Long in the Miraflores Locks while transiting the Panama Canal, 24t[...]