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On This Day…March 25th.

Dramatic photo of the USS New Jersey (BB-62) bombarding enemy positions near Tuyho, off South Vietnam, March 25th, 1969. Officially decommissioned on 21st August, 1957, ten years later, the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara green lighted a[...]

On This Day…March 24th.

On march 24th 1943, a German pilot named Günther Seraphim of the JG 5, suddenly experienced engine failure on his Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2 “Yellow 3”. The circumstances forced him to make an emergency landing in the water near the Norwegia[...]

On This Day…March 23rd

The whole nine yards...Bristol Beaufighter Mk VIF of No. 96 Squadron, RAF being re-armed at Honily, Warwickshire, 23 March 1943. ____________________ Vought F4U 1 Corsairs of VF-12 practising aerial maneuvers - 23rd Mar 1943. VF-12 lost s[...]

On This Day…March 22nd.

In the 1960’s, recently retired Thomas W Kendall, a millionaire (air conditioning) businessman, bought a PBY-5A from the USN and fitted her out as a luxury ‘flying yacht’. In the spring of 1960 Mr Kendall took a pleasure trip around the world [...]

On This Day…March 21st

40mm Bofors gunnery drills aboard USS Makin Island (CVE-93) on 21st March 1945, in preparation for the Okinawa Campaign. Of the eleven US carriers lost in World War II, five were Casablanca Class Escort Carriers like the Makin Island; CVE-5[...]

On This Day…March 20th.

This P51 was assigned to 504 Fighter Squadron (339 Fighter Group, 8th Air Force). She ‘Failed to Return’ (FTR) after a sortie to Bremen strafing Kaltenkirchen aerodrome. Pilot (1st Lt ) Jerome J. Ballard bailed from his Mustang (and looking a[...]

On This Day…March 19th

The savaging and ultimate survival of the USS Franklin (CV-13) is a story of Naval infamy and legend. Legendary insofar as her crew performed miracles to keep the ‘Big Ben’ afloat, and infamous that they did so despite their Captain, Leslie Ge[...]

On This Day…March 18th

Wing Commander Douglas Bader receives some help dismounting from his personal Mk V Spitfire 'Lord Lloyd 1'. Photo taken on March 18th, 1941 after Bader returned to Tangmere, England, following an offensive sweep into Northern France. ______[...]

On This Day…March 17th

B-25s are pictured on 17th March, 1944 flying over Mount Vesuvius in Italy as lava and ash pour from the top of the volcano. This remains the last eruption of the famous volcano, which killed 57 people, destroying the nearby villages of San S[...]

On This Day…March 16th

On 16th March, 1944, the 332nd Fighter Group (The Tuskegee Airmen) took delivery of three P47s in their base in Sicily to start their transition training from P40s. It was with the Thunderbolts that the air group had orders to paint the tails[...]