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On This Day…March 15th.

The nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) in the Indian Ocean during the second Gulf War. March 15th, 2005. ____________________ USS Wasp (CV-18) in ‘Measure 33/10A’ camouflage colours after her shakedown cruise, seen h[...]

On This Day…March 14th

Lieutenant John Roller (of the 56th Regiment of the 2nd Armored Division U.S) examines a German Panzerfaust M60 in Korchenbroich, Germany, on March 14th, 1945. ____________________ ‘Osaka Fire Mission’, March 14th, 1945. _______________[...]

On This Day…March 13th

This Corsair (KD578 'L') of the 1843 Naval Air Squadron hit the aft ramp of HMS Arbiter, breaking the tail oleo off, before breaking through second and third barriers. The carrier was en route to Australia on March 13th, 1945. The pilot Sub-Lt[...]

On This Day…March 12th

Wilhelm "Willi" Reinhard was a German World War I pilot who was born today in 1891 (12 March 1891 – 3 July 1918). Born in Düsseldorf, he became a flying ace during the great war, credited with 20 victories. Following the death of Rittmeister M[...]

On This Day…March 11th

On March 11, 1944 the B-24 'Heaven Can Wait' took off from Nadzab Airfield No. 1 (she was on temporarily on loan to the 320th Bombardment Squadron 'Moby Dick' for use by 1st Lt Herbert G. Tennyson and his crew). The primary target on the outb[...]

Aircraft Museum in Berlin-part 2 – indoor

These pictures should not be so dark as the outdoor ones; we had rainy weather that day - sorry

Aircraft Museum in Berlin-part 1 – outdoor

Hello friends, I’ve just returned from a weekend trip to Berlin. I took the opportunity and visited the „Militär Historisches Museum“ at the former Berlin airport called „Gatow“. The outdoor area offers a variety of mainly cold war icons from bo[...]

On This Day…March 10th

An M4A1 Sherman of 1st Armored Division on the road to Lucca, Italy, 10th March 1945. _______________ Gunther Rall, the third most ‘successful’ wartime fighter pilot (after Barkhorn and Hartmann) was born today one hundred and one years ag[...]

On This Day…March 9th

‘Silver Dollar’ was lost in action on 9th March, 1944 on a raid on the Heinkel Aircraft Factory. She was hit by the bombs from a B-17 above, went into a violent tailspin, and hit the ground. The Missing Air Crew Report is below... ___________[...]

On This Day…March 8th

8 March 1944: the bombardment of Berlin continues with 8th Air Force Mission number 252. The index target is a ball bearing plant at Erkner (a suburb of Berlin) and enemy opposition, as usual, is fierce. In total, 37 bombers were lost from [...]