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On This Day…April 16th

On 16 April, during an Okinawa air raid, a Japanese aircraft made a suicidal dive (see video below) for the USS Intrepid's flight deck, hitting it so hard that the aircraft’s engine and part of her fuselage penetrated right through, killing ei[...]

On This Day…April 15th

Somewhat aircraft heavy today 'on this day...' ____________________ The national colours being flown for the first time aboard the USS Yorktown (CV-10) during the ship’s commissioning ceremonies on 15th of April, 1943 at Norfolk, Virginia. [...]

On This Day…April 14th

On 14 April, 1945, William Reschke flew the new Focke-Wulf Ta 152, ‘White 1’ for the first time. He shot down a Hawker Tempest (No. 486 - NZ Squadron) flown by Warrant Officer Owen J. Mitchell who was killed. A first hand description o[...]

On This Day…April 13th.

An unusual mixture of Wildcats and Spitfires. On April 13th the USS Wasp left Glasgow (Scotland) headed for Malta. The British Navy were so low on aircraft in the Mediterranean by 1942 that reinforcements were needed and the only way to get [...]

On This Day…April 12th

FM-2 Wildcat of VC-36 just coming off the catapult while launching from USS Core (CVE-13) during anti-submarine operations in the North Atlantic on April 12th, 1944. When production of the new ‘Hellcat’ was to begin in mid-late 1942, contin[...]

On This Day…April 11th.

Seafire III of 899 Squadron, NF441 (K-W) on the HMS Khedive (below) in Northern Ireland, on 11th April, 1944. ____________________ On the 11th April, 1941, German forces surrounded the port of Tobruk which had been captured from the Ita[...]

On This Day…10th April.

On 10 April 1945, the USAAF Eighth Air Force targeted airfields, transportation hubs, and various military infrastructures at Oranienburg, Rechlin, Neuruppin, Stendal, Brandenburg-Briest, Zerbst, Burg, Parchim and Wittenberge, Germany. In to[...]

On This Day…April 9th.

US Navy crewman loading .50 caliber ammunition on a F2A Buffalo, Naval Air Station Miami, United States, 9th of April, 1943. ...the same aircraft, Lieutenant Walter A. Haas in the cockpit. ____________________ Warships in Victoria Harbour[...]

On This Day…April 8th

Pilots of No. 40 Squadron comparing notes in SAAF Spitfire at Gabes Gap, Tunisia, early April, 1943. These Spitfires were, I believe, VB’s. Photo quite possibly taken 8th April. ____________________ US Submarines S-18, S-47, and S-44[...]

Naval Aviation Museum – Pensacola – FL – USA

I had the opportunity to visit this museum on 03/19/2019. For those who do not live in the USA, I suppose it is not an easy or cheap trip. But I planned this visit well in advance, within a larger 20-day trip, visiting several cities in Florida.[...]