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The Mysterians!

Love them or hate them, TOHO Company movies of the 1950's were popular in Japan and the USA. Films like Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Battle in Outer Space and King Ghidorah generated huge revenues for the Japanese film studios. Every movie [...]

Call For a Taxi–a Space Taxi!

This Monogram kit was released during the hey-day of space models in 1959. Designed by Willy Ley, the 1:48 scale model is a depiction of a space "Taxi", or space tug to be used in moving cargo and passengers around larger space [...]

Destination Unkown

This is the Pegasus 1/144 scale Luna Rocketship kit. I has 11 or 12 parts as I recall and no fit issues. I started this kit the same day as the Airfix Stuka I did for the BoB group build and had it built and primed in about a week. And [...]

Repost with finished base

Sorry to post again, but this is the first base/ground cover I've ever done! Thanks Mr.Mike R for the help. I've found something thats almost as much fun as modeling so there are more bases that will be made! (May even try figures [...]

Roger Roger

This is the old AMT kit that i've had for years. I thought I'd try I figure kit and this came to mind! The fit is so so the detail is ok but overall it was a fun build. The paint is all aycrilic from MM and Tamyia, then I used oil for wash [...]

Time for some Sci-Fi When Worlds Collide

This is the Pegasus kit of the Space ship from the movie When Worlds Collide. It was a great 50's movie. The kit goes together very nicely and comes with the base and launch ramp there is a photo etch set you can get with it which includes [...]

It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye….

This is the Fantastic Plastic’s 1/48th scale “Galactic Raider” . The kit is all resin and consists of 11 pieces and decals by J-Bot. The parts were well cast without any deformed pieces or pin holes, but I did find the resin to [...]

Sinar Fleet Systems – TIE Advanced X1 – ~1/32 Scale

This is the original 1977 MPC release of Darth Vaders TIE Fighter. The kit, being an original release went together very well! The biggest draw back of this kit is that there is a warp molded into the kit that is really impossible to fix. [...]