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s.s. minnow from gilligan’s island

i started with a lindberg 1/64th scale pt-109 hull and scratch built everthing up from there i only hade a few screen shots to go from down side is they were three different boats used the rental boat in the opening of the first season the prop[...]

Tamiyas USS Fletcher in 1:350

The USS Fletcher was the name ship of a class of 175 ships. It was the largest destroyer class ever built and they were considered to be a very successful design. They served in the US Navy during the WW2 and the Korean War. A number of them wer[...]

Trumpeters Sovremenny in 1:350

I finished the Sovremenny in December 2008. In general I don't like modern warships. I find their angular superstructures ugly and out of proportion. The russian ones look better though, and since I had won the kit at a contest, I thought I migh[...]

Royal Caroline, 1749 (Completed)

I've posted previous Headlines articles about this wooden ship model (Panart 1/47), as recently as a month ago, even though it wasn't a completed project. This was because as a two-year, intermittent build, there wasn't enough momentum for it to[...]

Caio Bella! Italian cruiser Gorizia in 1:400.

Every educated person knows, that the main problem with the plastic model industry is, that there are so few kits of italian cruisers from WWII.;-) The only injection moulded ones I know of are Tauro's kits in 1:400 of the four cruisers of the Z[...]

Trumpeters USS Hornet in 1:350

I finished the USS Hornet in January 2006. The kit leaves a lot to be wished for. The general shape of the hull is incorrect and the stem in particular is faulty and very clumsy. I strengthened it from the inside with pieces of scrap plastic and[...]

Revell whaler Charles W. Morgan 1/110

Hello all, I'd like to present my Revell Charles W. Morgan. I read a lot about this model on the dedicated modeling sites before starting. Wrong sailplan, wrong colours... I just started building and painting according to my vision of a nice bo[...]

Trumpeter’s Jeremiah O’Brien in 1:350. A Liberty Ship.

Liberty ships were mass produced during WW2 to meet the losses caused by the german U-boats. Jeremian O'Brien is one of the two Liberty ships in the world that is still preserved, lying moored in San Francisco as a museum ship. She is kept in wo[...]

Heller’s Gneisenau in 1:400

Hellers Gneisenau in 1:400 was my first build of a major ship, where I went out of my way to improve an old kit. The Gneisenau was also the first build, where I documented everything I did with a camera. At this time, around 2004, Heller was t[...]

Royal Caroline, 1749 (end of construction phase)

This is the British yacht, “Royal Caroline (1749)”, a 1:47 scale wooden ship, from Panart. Some of you may recall previous postings of this ship in earlier phases. An intermittent project, revisited for a week or so every few months, it's alway[...]