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Revell 1/72 British Vosper M.T.B.

To me this was one of the more confusing boats of a late WWII (?) design to be modeled. It's a British design, U.S. built, for Russia, but doubtful that it saw WWII service. Somewhere along the line, one or two were "requisitioned" for McHa[...]

Royal Caroline 1749

This is Mantua Models' Royal Caroline (kit no.750), the original being launched from Deptford in 1749 as a Royal Yacht. The scale is 1:47. The length, excluding sticky-out-bits fore and aft, is 65cm (just over two feet). It's really a work-in-p[...]

RAF Rescue launch 1/72

This Airfix old kit of the Royal Air Force Rescue Launch that picked up downed pilots from the waters of the English channel during WWII. I built it many years ago, but did some touch up painting and weathering work on it recently. Weatering was[...]

Royal Air Force Rescue Launch, 1943

Built by the British Power Boat Company, the 67' Air Sea Rescue "Whaleback" boats were used by the RAF in WWII to rescue downed pilots. The design of these rescue craft was an adaptation of a motor gun boat developed by the Royal Navy. After num[...]

Scallop Trawler WILLIAM C BAKER, 1962

A type of boat found in every New England fishing port, the WILLIAM C BAKER was typical of wooden commercial draggers of the era. Referred to as an "Eastern Rig" (East coast design) or "Side Trawler", this class of vessel plied the ocean waters [...]

YAMATO, World’s Largest Plastic Ship Model… least in 1970 it was. When stationed in Boston, Massachusetts I took a walk to the local hobby shop and purchased this kit. At a whopping' 40" in length, the YAMATO was a handfull as I carried it back to my ship along crowded city sidewa[...]

Building Tamiya’s 1/350 Battleship Yamato

Here's an inspirational 5-min video showing the construction of Tamiya's new 1/350 battleship Yamato, expertly built and finished by Mr. Guilherme D. Santos from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

USS Shark

This the 1/72 scale kit from Mobius .No mods just a good piece of wood to mount it on.

D-Day Plus 4

At the personal direction of President Roosevelt, 60 Coast Guard sub chasers were transfered from America's East coast to Poole England. Here the boats were stripped of part of their ASW gear and re-formed into Rescue Flotilla One. It's mission,[...]

Nantucket Lightship (WLV-613) On Station, 1975

"The two loneliest things I ever saw" mused an old whaling captain "was a polar bear on an ice floe and the second thing was the Nantucket Lightship". Lightships were the technological answer to building a lighthouse where it was impossible (or[...]