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Happy New year! Let’s get started!

So here are the first 4 kits I intend to build this year. They are all gifts from my wife and kids, who have always supported my hobby. I decided to start with the Pan Am Clipper from 2001. A simple kit, just a few pieces, but as with most Sc[...]

The New Year kiss of death on my 2019 modeling plans…

Other than completing the following builds (gosh, I’m sorry, Paul and Jaime - I will bring these Group Builds home, I promise)... ...I’m hoping to complete on this lot. I have a grand plan to try and take a more disciplined approach to th[...]

Scratch built small arm.

This is a scratch built model of a WW 1Lee Enfield Mk 3 rifle.It’s 18 inches long and made from oak.The bayanet is removable and the bolt works too.

Camera Tripod

Here is a neat, 12" miniature tripod for photographing small work. What's really neat is the bracket that holds the camera without need for the screw attachment. This feature came as a surprise and is really handy when switching between multiple[...]

P-51 D Update #1

Hello everyone, just finished the cockpit for my tamiya p-51 mustang so thought I would just share some pics. Took me about two days to finish this, but had a lot of fun doing it. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures and stay tune because I will[...]

Nosing across the finish line just before midnight….

Well...a few days before midnight! My goal was to finish my VF-142 F-4B before the New Year and I made it! The Academy kit is over all pretty good, there are a few well documented areas that need addressing, but overall it is a fun build if yo[...]

Tamiya P-51 Mustang D

Starting up my new p-51 mustang so thought I would just give everyone a quick look inside the box and review. I've added some photos at the bottom and I will be doing updates through out the build, so stay tune :) So, this is the tamiya 1/48[...]

My “Model of the Month” award kit just arrived!

I'm very proud and happy to have won the iModeler October award. Today, the price, Trumpeters Richelieu arrived. When I've finished her, I'll have a nice little french collection. It's a typical Trumpeter ship model kit, that is, it's basically[...]

A Monogram Holiday portrait, my latest Blue Box find, and a Phantom update

Happy Holidays iModelers! Here is the family portrait of my Monogram kits, many of the originals were added this year, including the DO-335, B-29, B-25H, P-39 and Typhoon, the Typhoon I just added today, still in the cello wrap! On to the Phan[...]

Scratch built Leopard 2.

This is a scratch built model of a Germen Leopard 2 I made a few years ago.Only one bad photo of it unfortunately.1/18 scale,made from wood.