Work has commenced on the TSR2 and as an after though a Folland Gnat as well!

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  • Josh Patterson said 8 months ago:

    Need to finish marking up the Lightning F.1 and I have started the TSR2 tonight. It looks like it will be a very rapid build as it almost would work as a snap together kit! Barring the seam down the centerline of the forward fuselage (which will require only a light sanding), all the joins are on existing panel lines and are indistiguishable from the existing panel lines. The cockpit is all grey and I have pulled out one of my Folland Gnats (awesome little plane) to throw into the build. I will do one in red for the RAF build but at some point want to do my other one as the Oscar EW-5894 Phallus Tactical Fighter Bomber from Hot Shots. Still love that movie just for using the Gnat which bears a striking resemblance to an F-11 Tiger if you squint a little. Maybe that’s why they chose it?

  • Paul Barber said 7 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Fantastic Josh – three great jets to add to the mix. The Red Arrows are loved pretty much everywhere they go. There is a lot of love for the EEL too. But I have to say I am looking forward to the TSR2. A difficult political story – ultimately giving way to The Buccaneer and the Phantom. Apparently one of Professor Brian Cox’s favourite planes!

    Also some crossed wires from me Josh – so, I am going to shift the TSR2 to the new builds section, and if you let me know the kit you are going to use for the Gnat I’ll put that on too!

    Thanks so much for the contributions again!

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 posts