1/72 Frog DH110 Sea Vixen FAW2

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  • George Schembri said 3 months, 1 week ago:

    Here’s my entry into the group – gonna give this old Frog kit #F409 a go.
    I guess this squeaks in as a DH build as all design and initial production and initial operations occurring all under the DH name before the HS merger.
    It’s gonna be fun dealing with this old kit as I’ve been wanting to put it together for a LONG time now and was just waiting for an excuse to start the build, so thank Erik @airbum for starting up the group.
    There have been some great looking kits built already, hoping to add to the spectrum of entries.

    I’ll need to decide what to do with that cockpit – the 2nd officer doesn’t even get a place to sit.
    Comparing the assembly check with an old F-4 build made me realize just how big the Sea Vixen is.

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  • Allan J Withers said 3 months, 1 week ago:

    Nice one George, they are big, I have the Extra kit release to do, here’s a pic’ of its cockpit, hope this helps !!

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  • Erik Gjørup said 3 months, 1 week ago:

    George, welcome aboard. For a moment there I thought it was a quick-build kit you got on your hands, but tape revealed the secret. I have developed a soft spot for these big kites too over the times, and will be strapped in to follow your build. Thanks for sharing the build @georgeswork

  • Spiros Pendedekas said 3 months ago:

    Hi George!
    What a great entry!
    I love the Sea Vixen, I find it to be a very imposing plane: big, bold and beautiful!
    I also have a (very) soft spot on “older-classic” kits.
    So, I am eagerly waiting to see this beauty coming along!

  • George Schembri said 3 months ago:

    Thanks Allan @kalamazoo – pictures do help. The pilots section should be okay but my 2nd officer area will be pretty much all covered up with no top windscreen.
    Thanks Erik @airbum – I couldn’t resist taping things together and checking out the size and shape, very distinct look.
    Thanks Spiros @fiveten – I’ve got so many older kits from my original stash, not always accurate and not always a smooth build but always fun to build and it’s always a good excuse if things do not turn out the way you’d expect.
    Gonna wait to decide which paint scheme to go for, regular Royal Navy or Target Tug (that would be a challenge).

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  • Tom Cleaver said 3 months ago:

    Gad, it’s been 45+ years since i did one of these and I can still remember what a monster it was. Nothing fit, putty on all joints….

  • George Schembri said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Finally got to do a little work on the Sea Vixen, rolled up my sleeves.
    Thanks for the photos Allen @kalamazoo, they helped and also made me think of checking out other kit instructions and the parts diagrams.
    Came up with some idea of how to proceed. Sliced off the sides of the seat to make it narrower and flattened out the seat back then added a portion of the removed items and added additional lower side panels. I then made front and side instrument panels. Gave it a quick coat of Dark Grey and did a test fit, which I am happy with so I’ll continue with the cockpit detailing by adding some decals.
    I think I’m gonna leave the operations officer side alone, there’s not much of a window anyways.
    This is my first real attempt of adding scratch components to a cockpit, not as difficult as I thought it would be.

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  • Spiros Pendedekas said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Nice scratch builds, George!
    They really add up to the model looks!

  • Erik Gjørup said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Nice mods George (@georgeswork). Those small scratchbuild jobs are great training and serves to strengthen the confidence in more scratchbuilding.

  • Allan J Withers said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Nicely done George, every little improvement helps !!

  • George Schembri said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    — Spiros @fiveten
    — Erik @airbum
    — Allan @kalamazoo
    Thanks Gents.
    Getting a little more done and closer to major component assembly.
    Test fitting the wings and booms and it looks like I’ll be needing more than just a little bit of putty filler.
    Not too happy with the seat belts, but I can always have a second go later when this are almost finished.

    6 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • Erik Gjørup said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    With the office in place some major assembly pops up. Great progress George (@georgeswork)!

  • Spiros Pendedekas said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    What a nice pilot’s “office” , George!
    I just love the Sea Vixen shape (and the Sea Vixen in general!), it is so great seeing it coming slowly together.
    The extra scratchbuilds add to the quality of your build!

  • George Schembri said 1 month, 3 weeks ago:

    Finally finding time to post a few updates.
    Got the major components assembled only to find MAJOR issues with the joints. not only a bunch of gaps but also the raised detail lines did not exactly line up on the boom halves.
    Added what seemed like A TON for weight to the nose to get proper sitting posture.
    Had to apply putty about three times to get a decent transition at the boom joints.
    After a few nights of sanding things look pretty good for the white primer base. Decided to go with Model Master White Primer 4622 to get a good covering of the DARK GREY plastic.

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  • Allan J Withers said 1 month, 3 weeks ago:

    Good progress George !!

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