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  • Erik Gjørup said 5 months ago:

    de Havilland DH104 Dove

    a 1/72 kit from Amodel built as a Cimber Air version

    With Klavs building the Heron of Cimber Air, I will give a contemporary that also flew at Stauning a try. Cimber Air flew with both the Heron and The Dove out of Stauning, and the Dove OY-DHZ has since returned to Stauning, albeit now on the Museum. Also at Stauning is the former parachute Dove OY-BHZ in private hands, having suffered from being stored outdoors for a lot of years. Finally parts from a third Dove is spread all over Denmark, one propeller being with the skydivers at Vamdrup, wings was seen at Stauning in 2006, and I have the main wheels in my barn!

    The kit

    Well – on to the kit. Amodel has issued their DH.104 in different forms, and it is kit no 72294 that will be used for this build.

    The instructions are standard Amodel, and it is boxed with a picture of a Martin’s Air Charter version on the box, one of 3 choices in the box.

    The plastic

    Typical short-run sprues.

    The surface detail is OK, the wheelwell a bit shallow.

    The fuselage seems OK

    Even though it is just a bit rough, and the inside is just machined.

    The single tree that contains all the rest is relatively nice

    With a hint of flash here and there

    A well detailed PE fret is included

    Even including wipers!

    The only marking that is likely to be used is for the instruments

    The others are just paint and regs for the three planes in the paintinstructions

    Finally there is one clear tree

    Oh dear – some strange residue has ruined a few, but as far as I can see the cockpit and all-important roof is OK.

    now, it may take some time before I find the time to continue this build, but I shall do mu best to keep up – stay tuned

  • Spiros Pendedekas said 5 months ago:

    This looks to be a fine kit, with just a few issues, my friend @airbum.
    But it is a great choice, even more so that Klavs is building the its Cimber Air cousin!
    I agree about the shallow MLG wheel wells and I find no reason for them not to have been molded with more depth – no! no moaning, but, since you do them, do them at the right depth.
    Waiting for those limited run sprues to be cut!

  • Allan J Withers said 5 months ago:

    Nice one Erik !!

  • George R Blair Jr said 4 months, 3 weeks ago:

    This should be a fun model, Spiros (@fiveten). I have heard of pebbly finishes before, but have never seen one. Perhaps the airliner went through some hail?

  • Erik Gjørup said 4 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Quite right Spiros, quite right.
    Thanks Allan
    George, fortunately the majority of the hail hit the insides 🙂

    Thank you for the comments @fiveten, @kalamazoo and @gblair. Still a few days (weeks?) before a vacant spot is available on the bench, but it will be there eventually.

  • Erik Gjørup said 4 months, 1 week ago:

    Take a seat!

    or ten – and if you need the restroom, that has arrived too!

    Today a parcel arrived with a few kits and some AM details. Amongst the lot there was a small bag with a few seats and a loo. The seats looked very comfy

    Being armchairs of the oldfashioned sort. Actually there were 10 seats, so there is a choice I guess

    Will you be needing the loo? There were two nice elsans included

    And a card with templates for the floor and aft bulkhead.

    I still have to clear the bench a bit before commencing on this build, just wanted to share this small AM kit with you. Now I have to be sourcing a solid nosewheel á la Vampire as the one in the kit is not up to the part! I could perhaps also find some nicer mains?

  • Eric Berg said 4 months, 1 week ago:

    Have a few seats! That really is an old school loo. What, no sink? Looks like you’ll have fun building this one.

  • Spiros Pendedekas said 4 months, 1 week ago:

    Looks nice and busy already, my friend @airbum!
    Eagerly waiting for your bench to clear!

  • Greg Kittinger said 4 months, 1 week ago:

    Well, 1/72 and an Amodel kit – you have my attention for the ride! Carry on…

  • George R Blair Jr said 4 months, 1 week ago:

    The Dove is such an elegant airplane, Erik (@airbum), I am really looking forward to this build. Great choice.

  • Erik Gjørup said 3 months, 1 week ago:

    Thank you for the comments gents – a small update comin’ up in a minute.

  • Erik Gjørup said 3 months, 1 week ago:


    I have been looking at the box for some time now. . .

    And just had to have a look inside. The wings and fuselage were liberated from the trees, and assembled with a few lengths of tape

    It is very clear that it is a limited run kit – lots of flash and no locating holes or any such things, but the basic shape is good. I guess this is off to a very slow start?

    Having been thinking about the wheels, and ResKit have three options for Vampires, but none of their kits are spit-on (they have centers and tyres as separate items, and the correct centers have the wrong tyrepattern and the correct tyrepattern has the wrong centers. CMK also has some with the correct rims but wrong tyres. Aaahhhh de Havilland, letme think some more

  • Spiros Pendedekas said 3 months, 1 week ago:

    A limited run kit it definitely is, my friend @airbum!
    And yes, you’ve pulled the trigger for it. And it looks great!
    As for the wheels, if you won’t come up with a solution, you can always check my Venom “wheels” interpretation, just to see how things can lead themselves to strangeways….
    …..meaning drilling holes circumferentially and fitting a cap-like hub at the center of the main wheels…
    …..they look like they are more suitable for a SCANIA truck – LOL.
    Joke aside, I love your research for the wheels/tyres: I just love details like these!
    Waiting for your next instalment!

  • Erik Gjørup said 3 months, 1 week ago:

    Thanks Spiros (@fiveten). I think I may have to get some sort of resin wheels my friend, but more on that later.

  • Erik Gjørup said 3 months, 1 week ago:

    Gone in a flash

    Got some flash carved off today

    Not a lot to see, but cleaned it all up a bit more, and made a floor. It got re-testfitted, but the floor seems to be way too small – It was cut after the instructions with the resin seats, but as far as I can tell it is 0,5cm too slim

    I will have to make a new one to get it to fit.

    The major parts are typical limited run, and a lot of feddling and fitting and filing and fitting and sanding – you get the picture

    Well, it is all part of the fun, right?

    next up may be when I get started on the interior – the fitting process is rather tiresome to get shown here I think. Tune back in later on

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