“Here’s to Swimmin’ with Bow-Legged Women”

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  • Julio Contreras Martínez said 11 months ago:

    David ,tienes un ayudante negro de uñas afiladas ?

  • david leigh-smith said 11 months ago:

    Hola, Julio. Mi asistente felino está bien, pero yo tengo otro asistente con lengua muy afilada…

  • david leigh-smith said 11 months ago:

    I’m a hero, all right. Super powers; unreasonable enjoyment of sarcasm, puns and semi-colons.

  • Michel Verschuere said 11 months ago:

    Super build David!

  • david leigh-smith said 11 months ago:

    Thanks, Michel. I can feel the stirrings of an epic, here. Maybe not the 500-plus posts of the Enterprise, but it’d be great to have you along.

  • Matija Skobe said 11 months ago:

    David, when you hear DUN DUN theme (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC8Ncg1ipN8) in the house, your cat is going to push Orca from the table

  • david leigh-smith said 11 months ago:

    Matilda, I can guarantee if the cat tried anything like that, it’d be his last act before he became a nice pair of black slippers…

    Looking forward to your next ‘what if’ Build.


  • david leigh-smith said 11 months ago:

    “Here lies the body of Mary Lee,
    Lived to the age of a hundred and three.
    For fifteen years she kept her virginity,
    …not a bad record for this vicinity.”

    So, we have a little progress. I have to say I’m really enjoying the change in medium from plastic, although the propeller in this thing is going to be really small; no idea how they got it in the air…

  • Stephen W Towle said 11 months ago:

    This model looks ripe for figures …Roy Scheider chumming the waters with a cigarette in mouth before, the words ” You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Finding a 50 inch Shark…with a full set of teeth would be interesting. Younger modelers might confuse it with the movie
    ” The Meg”. Its about an invisible shark that no one sees on set. At least “Jaws” had Bruce.

    I payed to see the movie two times. The first viewing, my reactions were pretty much the same as everyone in the house. Which was packed. The second time with another packed house and knowing all of the scary scenes I took the time to watch the audiences reactions. The scene with the speed boat floating in the water with the big hole in its side at night was the high light of the movie. Everyone was on the edge of their seat leaning forward and when the head appear …every soul was pushed into the back of their seat. A human wave that started in the front and moved to the backed mixed with gasps and some shrieks.

    Looks like your building a great model and conversation piece David. Something we can all relate too. Looking forward to your progress on this one.

  • david leigh-smith said 11 months ago:

    Thanks, Stephen. Movies we watch as kids are just magical. I think especially if life wasn’t great – an amazing escape.

    And hey, the kid’s on a roll! We have three dimensional structure!

  • david leigh-smith said 11 months ago:

    Made more progress than expected and almost finished the frame for the hull…

    And I comparison to the plans it actually shapes up pretty well.


    I am half thinking that if I can keep making some progress I may build a ‘Bruce’, but showing the shark as he actually was, on a sled/gimbal like below…

    Despite the ‘need a bigger boat’ quip, the Orca was around 40 feet long, the shark about 25, so I’d need an 18 inch ‘Great White’ – would be fun making all those mechanical innards.

  • david leigh-smith said 10 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Well, despite the best efforts of the ‘flu, or whatever the hell it is, I managed a few minutes with the ‘Orca and started work on the gunwale support.

    Now she’s beginning to look like a boat.

  • James B Robinson said 10 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Nice progress David, @dirtylittlefokker. Sorry to hear you are feeling the symptoms. Pay attention to it! We’ve been hit pretty bad here in the states. Last Thursday the wife texted me that she had been diagnosed with Type A Flu. Doctor sent her home with a Px for the both of us. Took Friday off to play nurse so no bench time over the weekend, but it was enjoyable playing the part and taking care of her. Medicine helped keep me on keel and I was able to carry on. She’s almost recovered as of today. Nasty stuff for sure. I’d be a nice add to build a Bruce! 🙂

  • Louis Gardner said 10 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Sorry to hear that you all have been affected by illness. It’s definitely going around. I wish you all a speedy recovery…………..

    It’s been a while since I looked at this thread. You have definitely made some great progress David.

    By the way, Pegasus makes a 1/18 scale Great White………….. I don’t know exactly how big the shark is, but here’s a picture of the box artwork……….. It’s listed as item number 9501 and comes with alternate heads. One with open jaws !!!!

    You could possibly do a 3D diorama and have the shark under the Orca. Using an old aquarium (or something similar) and filling it with a resin to simulate ocean water. You could then color the resin and even make it a little cloudy to obscure the shark a little……………………

    Hope this helps…………. Get well my friend.

  • david leigh-smith said 10 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Appreciate the thoughts, James. The more I think of this the more I’m tempted to build the shark.

    We’ll see how the boat goes, and take it from there. It’d make a lovely set piece on display and I’d have to source materials, although I’m already thinking chicken wire frame, paper mache covering, plaster layer, then latex ‘skin’.

    Hope you and the family are all well.

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