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  • Bogdan Ionete said 9 months ago:

    Hello MiG fans!
    I was quite attracted by this aircraft so when I had the occasion I bought him.
    First impressions:
    No attaching pins
    Recessed panel Lines very thin
    A lot of flash on the pieces
    Instructions sheet – poor
    AModel overall quality
    To be continued

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • Dmitry Stropalov said 9 months ago:

    Hi Bogdan! I was building Su-7BKL from ModelSvit several years ago, and the fit was not that bad for a short run kit (better than a regular A-Model I would say). Good luck with your build!

  • Dmitry Ryzhenkov said 9 months ago:

    I agree with Dmitry, but still it seems to me that you have to apply the putty. And a lot ))
    In any case, I wish you good luck in construction!

  • Bogdan Ionete said 9 months ago:

    Thanks guys!
    I will prepare some Milliput 🙂

  • S. Cubas said 8 months, 1 week ago:

    Wow, presentation looks no so good model. Luck with it.

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