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  • Jack Mugan said 8 years, 5 months ago:

    When I started in the hobby, my workspace, like most beginners, was any convenient space that had a foot square flat surface. As time passed, and as we moved into bigger houses, my workspace improved some, and as I looked at each new house, my space for my hobby was going to be was my first priority. My wife understood that the rest of the house was hers.
    By the time we retired and moved to Florida, my model space had grown to the size of a bedroom and I had some ideas on how I wanted to use this new space.
    Now I had a place to display my models, some framed prints and I had plenty of workspace with a nice view of the back yard. Ten years later, it was time to downsize and move to our current location in Meadowbrook. Fortunately, I still had a bedroom-sized space and I was able to relocate the showcases and work area with just a few modifications.
    As you can see by the photos, I am not a neat modeler. I usually have several projects in progress at the same time and work on them as the mood moves me. I still have an actual one square foot of workspace, as I have found that the more space one has available, the more clutter one creates.

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  • Deleted User said 8 years, 5 months ago:

    Even though my ‘handle’ is “craig in daytona”, I actually live just a couple miles south in Port Orange (but who’s ever heard of THAT, so….) – speakin’ of which, where’s Meadowbrook, FL…? Here are my two “helpers”, Pepper (the evil-lookin’ one) and Shadow (aka chub-chub…..and the house.

  • Jack Mugan said 8 years, 5 months ago:

    Craig…. Meadowbrook is a small community in NW Gainesville, located at the first Gainesville exit going South or the last exit going North. I like your helpers. I lost mine recently and I miss her a lot. Her name was Dixie and I inherited her when my Mom passed away. Best dog I ever had.

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