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  • Paul Barber said 11 months ago:

    Hi Lukasz,

    What a great idea!

    Especially at times like these where the kids may not be at school and we may get some precious time with them inside!

    School ‘holidays’ start today – I will gear the boys up for some fun!

  • Łukasz Matuszczak said 11 months ago:

    Hi Paul,
    Form our family this time is also very tough. I am at the home office in my regular bank office and I am also streaming the lectures for five groups of my students from three subjects.
    So it is a very precious time form me that I can spend more time with my boys (not only a few hours per day I regular week).
    And how are you doing?
    Best Regards.

  • Jordyn Collier said 11 months ago:

    My dad wont build a model with me. Could I build one with my sister? Or my mom?

  • Łukasz Matuszczak said 11 months ago:

    Sure man. That is Parent & Child Group (not sons and dads – It was my idea first but I thought it through). I am a statistician and know that for sure there are other combinations in the world. The idea of the group is to encourage to spend some more time with you’re youngsters (children’s) or you’re elders (parents) and have fun.

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