The first build of my son, George (4)

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  • 1/72, F6F-5, Hellcat, Hobby Boss
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  • Łukasz Matuszczak said 11 months ago:

    George had just finished his first model today (02.0402020). He started it when he was 3 and finished when he is 4.
    For the first build, I had chosen 1:72 F6F-5 Hellcat from Hobby Boss. The first reason was to choose a one-colour paint plane. The kit includes a few parts, but fine moulded with nice detail on it.
    I tried to help my son as little as possible. He painted it with a brush (we tried also airbrush but didn’t work for 3 years old kid). He painted it with water thinned acrylics (due to no toxic influence if eaten). For the bomb, He had no patient 🙂
    No protection of clear coat, therefore, a lot of stains (especially on the wing after grabbing the plane with pancake fingers:) I helped little with the canopy and decals (the decals were very stiff and micro sol was needed).
    I highly do recommend the kit for beginners and children.
    To summarize it was a very nice time spent with my son.

    14 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • George R Blair Jr said 11 months ago:

    It’s great to see the skills passed on to the next generation. Thanks for sharing the story and photos.

  • Łukasz Matuszczak said 11 months ago:

    I am very glad I did. After reading the positive feedback to George, he immediately asked what we will do next. He had chosen the space rocket:). We will see how we will manage that challenge.

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