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  • World Wide shipping information.
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  • Dirk Derks said 2 years ago:

    Good morning iModelers Mariners,
    The link that I a included in this mail, will give you daily information on world wide shipping, including “Hot”Navy also world wide. It is free and very easy to subscribe and (un)subscribe.
    Most important, it is full of color pictures. Language is for 95 % English. The maker is an ex Dutch ships master.
    Articles range from tugs, off shore activities, largest container ships, oil prices, container handling. New type’s of ships. Dockyard activity and much more.
    Contributors are (with pictures) from all over the world. These pictures can be found back in very sharp register at the same site. As I mentioned, it arrives daily in your mail. I use it already for five years and learned a lot, For instance the bankruptcy story from one of the largest container shipping lines “Hanjin”
    Would appreciate some feed-back.
    Included two pages for your interest.
    Highest Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.
    scroll down

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • Jeff Bailey said 2 years ago:

    This looks interesting, Dirk. I believe I’ll give this a try. Thanks for posting the link and the information.

  • Jeff Bailey said 2 years ago:

    Done! The site owner, Piet has certainly put in a lot of time on the ocean!

  • Dirk Derks said 2 years ago:

    Good morning Jeffry,
    First, I appreciated that you take the effort to give a response.
    Yes, Piet Sinke is the driving force behind this site. The input is enormous, but I personally scroll trough it and pick out my interest on this site.
    Highest Regards
    Dirk / The Netherlands.

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