Fine Molds 1/48 Mitsubishi Ka-14

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  • Jeremy Millan said 1 month ago:

    Hello fellow modelers! New guy here. This will be my first group build. I’m a big fan of Japanese aircraft so I thought I should join the group.

    I love the Japanese animation “The Wind Rises” and I didn’t know about this plane till I saw the movie. The plane was designed by Jiro Horikoshi and it is a beauty!

    Well this is what I got done today. I’m on furlough this week and hopefully my 3 year old daughter will let me have some time to do some modeling. Haha

  • Jeremy Millan said 1 month ago:

    Some pics

  • Jeremy Millan said 1 month ago:

    I destroyed the decal for the instrument panel so I ended up dry brushing it instead.

    I only been modeling for about 3 years off and on so If you guys have any tips for me that would be awesome. Thanks.

  • George Henderson said 1 month ago:

    Good start, looks good

  • Jeremy Millan said 1 month ago:


  • Colin Gomez said 1 month ago:

    That’s coming along nicely, Jeremy. Looks like you’ve got your skills together in short order. I will be following your build with interest. Welcome to the Forum! I also love The Wind Rises (and everything else by Hayao Miyazaki). The movie is an interesting departure from Miyazaki’s usual ecological fables. I was a bit surprised the A6M didn’t figure in it at all in the movie, considering Horikoshi’s main claim to fame, but of course that would not have been ethically acceptable for Miyazaki. It was pretty much a fantasy about that aircraft designer’s real life, too.

  • Jeremy Millan said 1 month ago:

    Thanks Colin. Yes I love Miyazaki’s work too. An amazing artist and an interesting individual. It was cool to see the Zero at the end though… I heard he wanted to buy the only remaining flying Zero with the original engine but his wife wouldn’t let him. haha

  • Spiros Pendedekas said 1 month ago:

    Hi Jeremy!
    What a beautiful entry and what a great and quality progress!
    Your Ka-14 looks great so far!
    If you want some ideas, I would suggest, among others, to go through Louis @lgardner build of the same kit here in this Group Build:

    Fine Molds 1/48 Mitsubishi Ka-14, the A5M ”Gull wing” Prototype

    I followed his build, and I can tell you he did a splendid job!
    I cannot do otherwise but warmly and definitely recommend it to you as a point of inspiration and tutorial as well.
    Eagerly waiting for your progress on this nice project!
    All the best!

  • Jeremy Millan said 1 month ago:

    @fiveten thank you! I have seen Louis’s build and I will use it as inspiration. His came out really nice! @lgardner

  • Louis Gardner said 1 month ago:

    Hello Jeremy, @jmillan
    Welcome to Imodeler !! I think you will find it to be your home away from home. There are a bunch of good people on here who try to help each other out as best we can. Thank you very much for the compliments on my work.

    I had a wonderful time building my Ka-14. Now it is sitting in my display case next to my “Koga” or “Akutan” A6M Zero. I think you will have fun building yours too……………it is a fine little kit. Please keep us posted with updates on your build. I strayed away from the instructions with the method I used to install the wing parts. This deviation allowed me to build a model with no filler needed anywhere.

    Spiros, @fiveten
    I am honored to have someone use one of my articles as a build journal. Thank you very much for bringing it up.

  • John Healy said 1 month ago:

    Welcome, Jeremy!

  • Jeremy Millan said 1 month ago:

    Thanks John!
    Another quick update. I’m having so much fun on this kit I can’t put it down. I finished up the birdcage. Brush Painted the MG’s with good old testors gunmetal and sprayed the ammo cans with MrColor 57 IJA blue/green. It’s a shame all this will be hidden once the fuselage is buttoned up. Love the Japanese blue/green Aotake color.

    Wings are glued and drying waiting on fuselage.

    Next will be the engine.

  • Spiros Pendedekas said 1 month ago:

    What a progress @jmillan!
    Great interior!
    Love the Aotake!

  • Erik Gjørup said 1 month ago:

    Hi Jamie @jmillan, I’m tuned in on this labour of love you’ve got going here. Great work!

  • Jeremy Millan said 1 month ago:

    Made a little progress on the Ka-14. Now she’s starting to look like an airplane. So far this kit seems to just fall into place. Great engineering by Fine Molds.

    Also got the engine built and painted. I used some left over decanted AS-12 as a base for the silver. I added a couple drops of black to the silver for the steal color on the cases/cylinders. And for the Burnt Iron on the exhaust I added a couple drops of brown to the silver. Then to darken it up a bit I sprayed some heavy diluted black on top. Came out pretty good I think.

    Next will be primer of gloss black since I think I’m going to do natural metal finish. Also have to figure out how I’ll tackle the cowling as it’s in two pieces. Not sure if I should paint it before or after the engine is installed. That’s it for now. Thanks

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