Ki-43 Girl from Nakajima….another shelf of doomer

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  • Bill Koppos said 1 month ago:

    Talk about Long buried. Bought this one at the Atlanta Nationals in 2005, 20 bucks for a kit, extra parts from another, an Eduard etch set and canopy masks. I like Hayabusas and 1/32 scale soooo why not?
    I started by doing the interior with the Eduard set, and….it sat and sat and anyway here we are in Corona land and finally time and inclination to get rid of the old box. Finished the interior tweaking, seat harness (I HATE seat belts) and painted ’em up. The fuselage is closed up 15 years later, let’s see where this goes. Always wanted a 64th Sentai bird with nice “splotch” camouflage, to sit with my other “Girls from Nakajima” and complete the set. Got a Ki27, Ki44 and Ki48, need the 43 for the win.

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  • George Henderson said 1 month ago:

    Good stuff Bill. Love the innards. Ok……’ve talked me into doing my Hasegawa 1:48 “captured” Ki.43 once I progress a little further on my current build

  • Spiros Pendedekas said 1 month ago:

    That’s fantastic, Bill. Had done it a couple of decades ago. I recall it was pretty good (old school of course) – and no spats!
    All the best!

  • Bill Koppos said 4 weeks ago:

    Bill Koppos said 1 day, 9 hours ago:
    In my desire to avoid those most hated things, the decals (why is it “dekkles” now?) we continue to spray on markings whenever possible. The problem here is the masking is being done over Alclad metallic finish. USUALLY this is not a problem if the surface plastic is thoroughly swabbed down with alcohol, but sometimes will rear it’s head. And rear it’s head it did today. Part of the problem is you can’t buy a decent day here for love or money, it’s constantly drizzly, cold damp and windy. I paint outside, so I’ll blame it on that. Hours of masking finally gave the pictured results with much respraying/masking, touching up and gnashing of teeth. Apparently at last she’s ready for the mottling I’ve been dying to get to. Tomorrow looks like it might be halfway decent, so maybe…
    One pic shows the subject from “Kato Hayabusa Sentai” that I am trying to duplicate. Lots more masking ahead…

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    Pedro L. Rocha said 1 day, 9 hours ago:
    Frustrating to say the least, but keep your spirit up. Nothing there is beyond salvation. Looking forward to see how it turns out after the green been sprayed

    Spiros Pendedekas said 1 day, 4 hours ago:
    A rocky way but turns out great, Bill @billkoppos! Painted insignia really stand out. Make our stuff look”decalled” and not “real”.

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  • Erik Gjørup said 4 weeks ago:

    Ahh – looking great with different posts gathered into one now – I am tuned in to follow this topic of yours Bill!

  • Philip A. Stelzer said 4 weeks ago:

    This will be a great addition to the shelf – filling collection for sure! Make sure we see them all!!

  • Tom Bebout said 3 weeks, 6 days ago:

    Keep plotting ahead Bill, you can finish this kit

  • Bill Koppos said 3 weeks, 6 days ago:

    Well My Girl has got her stripes. Normally I would use Model master enamels, but I want to use Acrylic here, to knock back the mottling in the wing root and otherwise scratch and weather it up. Wrestled with which Green to use, had some Vallejo air medium and dark greens, tried a mix. Used my cheap Chinese airbrush, which had been doing just fine, but now it wants to splat at the end of every line. (ALWAYS test things on your paint mule, or at least paper, before committing to your masterwork.) Tried thin ratios and air pressure etc., NG. Now I decided to bring out my Grex XG which had been giving me problems, took it completely apart and looked it over. Seems the little piston that pushes down and lets air in sticks a lot on this one unless you keep it constantly lubed. I happened to buy a bottle of proper Airbrush lub at a show, and give it a drop each use. BTW the cheap Chinese airbrush has not needed a drop of oil yet. So try again and sure as s— it still splats. Aaargh. The Vallejo air worked fine last time. Anyways, so what else we got? Digging deep, I found a jar of Tamiya JAAF Green, played with the mixes (Tamiya X-20 thinner) and got a nice fine line with no splats no clogging. Finally, to work.
    I had practiced the kind of patterns I wanted on the mule, so things came out pretty satisfactory. Something like the movie star plane I wanted to approximate. In fact, after these pics were taken, I decided the pattern on the wings was a bit on the thin side, so went back and filled it out a bit more.
    That slams the lid on things today.
    Next challenge-wing and fuselage stripes and the 64th Sentai tail arrow. A challenge because the Alclad and now the Tamiya green show inclinations to peel like an SOB when masking tape is applied. Possible solution – Browsing the innertube last night I found a guy testing a new Alclad sealer, something I did not know existed. The reviews were good, and I also see they have semi-gloss and matt coat too. So a quick jump to Sprue Brothers…all in stock! Yay. Already shipped (I love Sprue Bros).
    So we wait for the arrival of the rescue package. Also ordered a bottle of official “propeller color” from Gunze we shall see how that looks.
    Also Mr. Gardner, if you see this, here’s a pic I found of a different kind of Hayabusa. This guy’s one of us!

    6 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • Michel Verschuere said 3 weeks, 6 days ago:

    Haha nice motorcycle (and plane of coure) 🙂

  • George Henderson said 3 weeks, 5 days ago:

    Good determination paying off

  • James B Robinson said 3 weeks, 5 days ago:

    Bill @billkoppos, this one is looking very nice. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    Yo Louis @lgardner, Might be time to think about another Bike! 😉

  • Tom Bebout said 3 weeks, 5 days ago:

    Nice save Bill, she’s looking good, an man that’s big for 1/32.

  • Louis Gardner said 3 weeks, 5 days ago:

    Ya did real good there Bill !!! @billkoppos
    The camouflage looks fantastic, and you can’t tell that you had any problems with your air brush clogging up and spitting out paint. You might finish this one up sooner than you thought……….

    and that’s a very cool looking Hayabusa “crotch rocket” too !!!!! Someone spent some serious time painting that one up……… and James, @jamesb
    I’d drive the wheels off it.

  • Spiros Pendedekas said 3 weeks, 5 days ago:

    Great job @billkoppos! No “cheap airbrush” paintjob detected, as your camo looks fantastic. Oh, and the bike guy…he’s DEFINITELY one of us!

  • Erik Gjørup said 3 weeks, 5 days ago:

    Thank you for sharing the very informative AND well told story of the trials with the paints and airbrushes. And I too can not wait to see the re-visited greens! Looking really good already!

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