Aeromaster 1:48 PBY Decals?

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  • David A. Thomas said 9 months ago:

    Hey there, brothers, I am on a hunt, akin to the British fleet hunting for the lost Bismarck!

    I have committed myself (a tricky phrase) to building the PBY-5 “Catalina I” W8406 WQZ of RAF 209 Squadron, the bird that found and tracked the Bismarck in late May, 1940–this for the GB of my dear friend, David Leigh-Smith @dirtylittlefokker “iModeler at the Movies” as an homage for the 1960 WW2 classic movie Sink the Bismarck.

    I plan on building the bird in 1:48 scale, and have the model already. What I need help with is the decal sheet. Tom Cleaver @tcinla has informed me that Aeromaster produced the stickers for this very airplane in 1:48 scale some time back. But to save my life I haven’t been able to find them on eBay or anyplace else.

    If you have a clue as to where they might be found, please inform. Once again, I can find 1:48 PBY decals, but I am looking for the decals for this particular “WQZ” bird.



    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  • Tom Bebout said 9 months ago:

    Ultracast has them, but you won’t like the price. That sheet is currently out of production. You may also want to make a post on the Hyperscale web site in the plane talking forum. I’ll bet you someone has them and are willing to sell them to you.

  • David A. Thomas said 9 months ago:

    Thanks, Tom! Big help…

  • Louis Gardner said 9 months ago:

    Hello David !!!

    I’m happy to see that you are starting another project. This one sounds like fun !!!!!!

    You might also try to locate a decal sheet that has only letters on it. I have found these to be very useful and they come in different font styles, colors and sizes. I’ll do some digging to see if I can find something appropriate for you.

    I have used these decals on several builds now, and they worked great for me. You can use the dry rub transfer decals for the serial number. Woodland Scenic’s makes them and you might have some left over from your ambulance build.

  • David A. Thomas said 9 months ago:

    Thanks much, Louis!! We’ll be talking.

  • Louis Gardner said 9 months ago:

    It looks like these letters are made by several manufacturers. They are made by Xtradecal

    and Fantasy Print Shop

    These are available in several different scales and sizes. The letters also appear to be a slightly different shade of gray in the pictures I posted.

    Hope this helps if you can’t find what you are looking for. I have found these for sale on EBay and several online hobby shops stock them as well. This should give you a few more options. You could do a little research to make sure these are the proper style font, if you think it will be a problem. They are offered in Post War versions too, that use a slightly different style of lettering.

    Take care buddy.

  • David A. Thomas said 9 months ago:

    This does help!! Is the gray a bit lighter?

  • Matt Minnichsoffer said 9 months ago:


    I’d be happy to work with you on creating the pieces you need. I can design the decals on the computer, then you can get a custom sheet made through these guys.

    Let me know.

  • David A. Thomas said 8 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Matt, I will certainly follow up on that if it comes to it. I really appreciate your chiming in!

  • Louis Gardner said 8 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Hello again David.

    Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you. No I don’t know exactly what shade of light gray these letters are going to be. These are some pictures from the internet that I found.

    I think that as long as you can use letters from the same decal sheet that you will be ok.

    Judging by the colors shown on the pictures I would believe that the ones produced by Fantasty Print Shop looks to be a more accurate color since they appear lighter.

    But like I mentioned this is only an estimate for the true colors based on the pictures from the internet.

    You might be able to contact them and see if they can give you a more accurate color description.

    Sorry I was not able to answer the question any better than this.

  • David A. Thomas said 8 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Louis, you hardly owe me an apology! I’m just trying to gather some info, that’s all. All of this is helping me!

  • David A. Thomas said 8 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Thanks for the help, gents. I obtained the AeroMaster sheet from Ultracast, per Tom’s tip. It turns out that with currency conversion and my location near Canada it was the cheapest route. Pricey, yes, but not prohibitive for a speciality item.

  • Louis Gardner said 8 months, 3 weeks ago:

    This is great news David !!! Good for you my friend.

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