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  • George Johnson said 3 months ago:

    I don’t normally stop working on one model to start another, but I need to get a natural metal finish aircraft done for a contest here in Oregon in September. I’m a slow builder so I thought I’d start now.
    I bought this 1/32 Revell MiG-21 thinking that it was 1/48. That’s not so bad, but I have very little room left to display it. Anyway, this is going to become an abandoned Soviet AF version in a NMF. I don’t know when this thing was first issued, but I can tell you it’s a piece of c**p. That’s okay, too. It has all kinds of raised panel lines, sink marks, mold lines, flash, etc, etc. The cokcpit (as you can see) is horrible. But, none of that matters because it’s going to look pretty trashed by the time I finish it. The canopy will be hazed over and discolored so I’m not too worried about the detail under it. You’ll only see a hint of detail.
    I’m starting to use Mission Models paints on this bad boy. So far, I used Tire Black on the ejection seat and a US army green on the seat cushion. I had a bit of an issue with it at first due to the fact that it’s not your run-of-the-mill acrylic paint and operator error, but once I figured out what I had done, and after speaking to Jon at Mission Models, things worked out perfectly. The paint appears too thich to run through the airbrush, even when using the highly recommended dilution amounts (you pretty much have to follow the instructions on their website), but it works well. I found I had to increase my pressure a wee bit. More on Mission Models Paints later.

    5 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • Louis Gardner said 2 months, 3 weeks ago:

    I remember building it as a kid back in the mid 1970’s. I had fun with it and threw it together in a day or so. I think this is when the kit was originally issued. If memory serves me, it had two different spines that could be used on the fuselage (or something like that, maybe a different rudder assembly ??? ).

    I’ll be watching your progress on this one. It will be like a trip back in time………… almost…………. but since you’re painting yours and taking your time with it, this one will be more like a “what if” build for me.

    Like “what if” I had skills and painted things properly back then. But hey, we were kids and had fun with it. I don’t know what happened to it. It could have met it’s end with a Daisy “Red Ryder” BB gun or some fire crackers ……………… Try doing that in today’s world. 🙂

  • Craig Abrahamson said 2 months, 3 weeks ago:

    I never did care too much for anything with the Revell name on it, but after seeing what you can do with your modeling talent(s), I’m sure this one’ll turn out better that you, me or anyone else thinks. Besides, building it as a ‘what-if’ relic, what can go wrong, right…? 🙂

  • George Johnson said 2 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Yes, I remember the good ole days when I built one of these. It seemed a lot better quality back then. I remember painting it using a can of Testor’s Silver. I think it ended up on the wrong end of a 12Ga shotgun out in the Mojave desert.
    I have to admit that I threw this thing away a couple of days ago and it’s currently sitting in the trash can in my workshop, but after reading your comments, I think I will ressurect it and actually finish it. The seat, as it turns, out was molded about 60% larger than it needs to be so unless Andre the Giant defected and became a pilot in the Soviet Air Force, I don’t think it’s right. That’s okay, though because I can throw a tarp over the canopy and hide the hideous cockpit.
    I started this because I need a NMF airplane for our local IPMS show in September. I’ve won the NMF category 4 years in a row and wanted to see it If could make it five. In the meantime, I started on a 1/144 Revell Ekranoplane. It’s actually a nice little kit, but with weirdly mottled surface texture that I have to sand. I’ll post pics tomorrow.

  • david leigh-smith said 2 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Great start, George. I think this model was an early 1970’s job, I remember building one on holiday at 10 years old which would be ’74.

    Last year I took on a very old Revell 1/32 (P38) which was an absolute [email protected]&ch to put together. I suspect this is of exactly the same era. Very good luck, you’ll need it, friend.

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