Two 1/32 scale Revell of Germany P-51-D5 Mustang builds. One as ”Cripes a Mighty 3rd” and ”LOU IV”

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  • Jeff Bailey said 1 month, 1 week ago:

    The P-51 don’t look like no tank I ever saw, BFAM Louis. New career?

    Nod, nod … nudge, nudge … wink, wink!

  • Erik Gjørup said 1 month, 1 week ago:

    @lgardner – I just read the other day the Japanese had quite a few P-40’s, and used them as escorts for bombers. many of them were shot down by “friendly flak”. Interesting colors – but not 109’s 🙂

    Looking forward to the comparison – I think that the yahu sets are a tiny bit better than the eduard – primarily because of their colors.

  • Louis Gardner said 1 month, 1 week ago:

    Thanks gentlemen for the compliments. I’ll make a more fitting reply to you soon. It’s almost dinner time !!!!!

    One quick note, all of the aftermarket parts arrived. I’ll do a side by side comparison article and post it in the headline section soon.

    I have assembled the Yahu instrument panel and I can post side by side comparison photos for you to see the difference between the two.

    I’ll also post pictures of the kit supplied parts that these are going to be replacing.

    If time permits, I’ll post some better pictures here too later tonight. Meanwhile the pizza is ready ……….
    Thanks again.

Viewing 61 - 63 of 63 posts