1/48 Revell Ju 87G-1 Stuka

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  • Jordyn Collier said 1 week, 6 days ago:

    This is my 1/48th scale Stuka with the under wing mounted autocanons. It will be painted in a nightfighter scheme.

    19 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • Louis Gardner said 1 week, 5 days ago:

    Excellent Jordyn !!!

    This is the perfect place for your Stuka build…………… Now you can easily add more pictures, and comments as you make more progress.

    Others can comment on it here too, and that will make it even more fun for you. Once it’s done you can post it in the headlines section and link it to this build journal. That way everyone can see how you built your Ju-87, and can follow you along the way as you complete it.

    Well done !!! It’s looking good.

  • George R Blair Jr said 1 week, 5 days ago:

    Great job, Jordyn. I love Revell kits and I build a bunch of them. Your Stuka looks great.

  • Chuck A. Villanueva said 1 week, 5 days ago:

    Your working it Jordan, the Revell Stuka is still a good kit in this scale. Scratch building, pre shading, you got it all going. Looking forward to the rest of the build.

  • Jordyn Collier said 1 week, 5 days ago:

    Thanks Louis. I’m glad you pointed this out.

  • Erik Gjørup said 1 week, 5 days ago:

    Hi Jordyn – I see you are trying out a lot of different aspects on your models; shading and scratchbuilding and stuff. Well done!
    What kind of paint do you use? I have started airbrushing, but when I started a short time ago I also brush-painted. I found that relatively thin paint worked well, but you may have to paint a few times instead of just once. After the paintbrush, I used an aerosol can with clear matt finish, just some ordinary acrylic from the store. It took some practice to get it sufficiently thin, but it worked out nicely. (I have posted a Bf 109E on iModeler that was made using that method – I think it is the first one on my blog) Keep going – and posting!

  • Louis Gardner said 1 week, 5 days ago:

    You’re welcome Jordyn. These older Revell kits are among my favorites. This is what I grew up building, and they are a decent kit for the price. With a little extra work, (like what you are doing here with yours), they can really shine…………..

    I am very happy to see that you posted your Tamiya He-162 also. Way to go !!!

  • Jordyn Collier said 1 week, 5 days ago:

    I use a mixture of Vallejo and Tamiya and Testors paints.

  • Jordyn Collier said 6 days, 12 hours ago:

    Decals are ON. Next, the final parts. Clear coat and weathering.

    6 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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