1/48 Eduard Mirage 2000D/N

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  • Lee Fogel said 12 months ago:

    I bought this at a show last year for $5. It had been started (fuse halves together and cockpit roughed in) and was missing one of the resin seats. While I don’t build much modern stuff the markings on this kit had always interested me. Plus, with the resin and PE upgrades, I figured it would be a nice kit when done. Anyhow, I contacted Eduard directly and they actually sent me the last two ‘spares’ of the seats they had! So, once they showed up I started on it. It’s the older Heller molds and the fit was lousy. You can see the gaps for the wing roots and the spacer bars I had to glue into the fuselage to get it acceptable. Also, the fit of the intakes was spotty especially the port (left) side. The prior builder had done a shoddy job on the fuselage joins and the nose area needed a bunch of clean up and sheet styrene to fix gaps. At this point, I am completing the cockpit and masking the canopies off. Now that I am this point the effort feels worth it. But this kit is no picnic. I am building option B the desert scheme 2000N. https://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/1123.pdf

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  • Lee Fogel said 9 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Bring this one back from a lengthy hibernation.

    I got the seats done over the past two evenings. I used AMMO’s Oilbrushers for shading and am happy with the results. Just need to add the yellow stripes for the ejection pull ring and that’s that.

    1067 800[/url]

    1067 800[/url]



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