Airfix 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire FR XIV

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  • David Mills said 2 years ago:

    Here it is !
    I have been waiting for this since it was announced.
    One of my favorites dating back to the old Frog 1/72, Spitfire XIV and V1 Flying Bomb set.
    So what is in the Box?

    Airfix standard new instructions.

    Including two colour schemes

    Four sprues

    Some nice looking clear parts and decals

    Overall the kit looks as good as I had hoped.
    I don’t plan to review it here – just get on and build it !
    More soon !

  • david leigh-smith said 2 years ago:

    Bring it on, David!

    Harness and goggles on, strapped in, and waiting for the show…

  • David Mills said 2 years ago:

    Thank you David, here we go !
    Cockpit parts off the sprues and tidied up.
    Standard softish Aifix styrene but nice detail.
    A little flash here and there but easily cleaned up. I have drilled out the lightening holes in the framework and opened the slot in the armour plate to allow for seatbelts .

    3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • George R Blair Jr said 2 years ago:

    I have never built a Spitfire, but the contents of the box sure make me want to rethink my lack of breadth in my builds. Looking forward to the completed kit.

  • Julian Shawyer said 2 years ago:

    Hello David,
    It certainly is a beautiful looking aircraft. Have you decided which colour scheme you intend to build yet?
    Regards, Julian.

  • John Healy said 2 years ago:

    Hi David. Thanks for doing a build log on this kit. I eagerly await your progress. I just got three of them and it’s my favorite Spitfire variant. The kit looks really nice in the box.

  • Louis Gardner said 2 years ago:

    This is going to be good !!!

    Sign me up as a fan from the sidelines.

  • Erik Gjørup said 2 years ago:

    I’m in for this one too.

  • David Mills said 2 years ago:

    Thank you gentlemen for all your kind words – here are some photos of preliminary construction of the cockpit parts primed ( Mr Surfacer 1500) – and the fit is very good. (XF-9 Hull Red for the seat

    the only aftermarket I will be using is a set of Eduard seat belts.

  • Pedro L. Rocha said 2 years ago:

    Following your work here also David. Unlike most fellas here I don’t have a crush for this version but want to see one built

  • David Mills said 2 years ago:

    The first step was to ignore the instructions and to cement the cockpit walls to the respective fuselage sides.
    Fit is very good so far.

    4 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • David Mills said 2 years ago:

    After painting and assembly – instrument panel, cockpit side panels, and seat the only bit of aftermarket in the construction is the eduard seat harness.
    Fit is still excellent and progress straightforward so far!
    I have decided to go for SEAC markings of dark earth and green aftermarket details have been ordered.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • Pedro L. Rocha said 2 years ago:

    Looking sharp

  • Rick Wilkes said 2 years ago:

    Looking good David. I started prep work on mine yesterday so I’ll be following along with great interest.

  • Stephen W Towle said 2 years ago:

    It may not be a formal review but, the act of building and photographing the kit along the way certainly helps folks get a good sense of what to expect in building this kit David. No color commentary or drama never hurt anyone. Your efforts look very promising.

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