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  • Erik Gjørup said 5 months ago:


    Many moons ago, I moved to Greenland!

    And with quite a few 109’s in progress, I needed time off for some nice and easy relaxing build. Having gone through my photos from those years spent in the arctic, I had quite a few images of the many “TWOTTERS” that bumbled around up there. I have also come across quite a few in Denmark, as there used to be a shop at my local airport that refurbished some for lease. And so I decided to travel back in time to re-visit the white fields of my youth.

    With the choice of available kits rather limited to say the least – either an old Matchbox 1/72 or a Revell one that is actually just the old Matchbox in a new box, I pulled a Revell 1/72 from the stash. With the chosen kit secured on the bench, I did a check on the available decals – actually one from the kit could do, as there were the occasional Canadian DHC6 in Greenland, and they were really colourful in their all-yellow colours.

    However, LN-decals have a range of decals for the kit, one being for a Greenlandair plane, and so I have ordered a few different decals from there, but still not decided witch one to make. It will most likely be a long-nosed one.

    As the basic version has been determined, I have started some basic building. In the few seconds after opening the box, it became obvious that it will need a lot of attention to make a build that I will find acceptable. The wheels are really bad for one, and the whole cast is showing its age – and wear of the forms. Having checked for donors of resin AM wheels, I have found that the dimensions are the same as for a CASA 212 – so perhaps CMK may come to the rescue with AM parts for the specialhobby item, soon to be re-issued in yet another guise. Other possible candidates are Sikorsky H34 and S-58, and there are actually some available for these, albeit with the wrong rims.

    Well – all that is for another day – lets get moving;

    The fuselage was testfitted, and the cabin dividers and cockpit floor installed in one half.

    Wings and nacelles ditto.

    It became quite clear that some sort of interior is needed, and so I made a floor for the cabin today. I will not be able to decide on the interior (if any) until later when I have found out what plane I build.

    I might even decide to make a new assembly line, so that I have 109 on one line and DHC6’s one the otter (oh – that is spelled other – sorry)

    I really do not know where to go next – exciting, isn’t it? Suggetions and comments encouraged

  • George R Blair Jr said 5 months ago:

    Great start, Erik. I have pulled this out of my stash several times to start it, but every time I have decided to wait. The problem is that this plane is on the edge of planes I am interested in building, and its challenges push it over the edge to the “don’t want to build” side of the line. Looking forward to see what you do with the Otter and maybe it will push this kit back in line to build.

  • Louis Gardner said 5 months ago:

    I have never seen one of these built up before. It is a cool looking plane !!! I’ll be watching for the next installment for sure.
    Sometimes I will have two assembly lines going at once. It actually works well if you happen to be painting the same (or very similar) colors.

    Looks like you already have a good start on this one.

  • Erik Gjørup said 5 months ago:

    George, to spice up your interest I will add some pictures of the plane from my files – lets see if that gets yours closer to the wannabuild list.

    Louis, I may have to buy a few more of these to get a “Ironworks” fashion line going here.

  • Erik Gjørup said 5 months ago:

    A few to choose from

    The fantastically versatile TWOTTER in a few of its many “uniforms”

    I have quite a few different pictures of Twin Otters – there have been a total of 10 Twin Otters on the OY-register, with number 11 on the way for Nordic Seaplanes. Their first, OY-NSA is on amphibious floats, and flies scheduled flights between Aarhus and Copenhagen seafronts

    Here you have a limited selection from around the globe – from Greenland to Antarctica!

    OK, that will do for now – perhaps I get some more details scanned or some progress on the build for the next installment – just wanted to show a small selection of variations on this theme.

    I still do not know what will be up next. Hopefully a decision has been made to get started on the interior?

  • George R Blair Jr said 5 months ago:

    Thanks, Erik. I Have always liked the all-red Arctic scheme and will probably do that one when I get to building it. I also have a set of decals for the scheme, so that makes it easier. I really like the photo of tying down the Otter using vehicles. The plane I flew in the Air Force was airliner size (C-141), so we didn’t worry about the plane blowing away.

  • Erik Gjørup said 4 months, 1 week ago:

    Three options of decals

    A set of aftermarket decals has been added to the pool

    I have bought a set of Lima November Decals, portraying OY-POF of Grønlandsfly.

    The decals in the pool thus far

    There are the original two from the box, both for shortnosed versions. I do like the longer nose, and bought an option for one of my old “buddies”, OY-POF.

    Now, for most of its life it had a few other colours, with “Greenlandair Charter” or “GLACE” titles, and the ones from the sheet really were not around for many years. I will have to give it a thought. LN-Decals kindly threw an extra sheet in the package, as the stripes on the nacelles had been omitted, and to spice them up, registration and nosename for OY-ATY is there too.

    Well – again, this kite did not carry these colours for long, as it was born as an overweight special model with ice-radar and extra fueltanks!

    LN-Decals are available directly from, or HaldVærk

    And so, the jury is out again – I may have to buy a few more of these and set up some sort of assembly line (iron works fashion? just to steal an idea from @lgardner)

  • Erik Gjørup said 4 months, 1 week ago:

    Inside the whale. . . sorry, the Twotter

    While the jury is still out, I decided to add something to resemble an interior

    Not the best scratchbuilding ever, just a few pieces of plastic glued together and painted;

    And with the windows in, the cockpit gets some minor attention before I get ready to assemble the fuselage.

    This build is just to get a feeling of the Revell/Matchbox kit – other builds may follow if I feel the kit is worth tweaking (as it is the only one around, I think it may well be up for an assembly line). The kits are being increased in price here in Denmark, and at some 12 euro as the base price, they are now seen at around 16-17 euro! I may have to add a few to the stash before they get too expensive, considering the quality and age.

    comments welcome – next up I suppose I have to decide on the colours?

  • George R Blair Jr said 4 months, 1 week ago:

    Good job on the passenger cabin. It doesn’t look like you will be able to see much of it once you close everything up. I have noticed a couple of things since Revell has changed hands: They are releasing a lot of kits, some new and many re-released, and that the prices have all gone up. I figure rising prices are the state of things today. I am glad I still have a good collection of unbuilt Revell and Monogram models, including one of the Twin Otters.

  • Erik Gjørup said 4 months, 1 week ago:

    @gblair, just went to my local kitpusher today, and they still had one left at 99DKk (11.65£, 13,2euro, 14.6$), but it is still available a bit cheaper on the net. Anyway, the windows really let the kit down, and with no AM windows around it is out with the old sheet of clear plastic for the next build. – Comin’ right up another small update;

  • Erik Gjørup said 4 months, 1 week ago:

    Light as a feather(ed prop)

    While thinking what colours it will be, the propellers get some TLC

    Now, the kit poses the propellers in operative position (engine running), while I still have not seen a DHC6 with propellers in that position when the engines are stopped, that has to be addressed.

    And so, it is off with the individual blades!

    The blades themselves are rather poor and need some scraping and filing – that has been done in the pictures here.

    The enginecowls are next in line for some filing and filling and sanding

    And the wingfences are in need of some TLC too – more on that later

    I do believe that the colors will be the yellow bird from Canada – stay tuned

  • Allan J Withers said 4 months ago:

    I like the Canadian rescue scheme but had to do mine in Aussie markings !!! OOB except for added items !!

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • Csaba said 4 months ago:

    Will follow this build – always wanted to build this kit, but never bought one.

  • Erik Gjørup said 4 months ago:

    Allan @kalamazoo that is one nice Twotter you have there, and an original before the moulds got worn on top of it. Great choice of markings, and cool additions too!

    Csaba @pikofix, I just bought 5 more of this kit, and may have to make major modifications, but that will be some time from now (the 109’s are eager to get built too)

    Thanks for the comments – appreciated!

  • Louis Gardner said 4 months ago:

    It’s been a little while since I have stopped by, and you have made some serious progress. There are so many options for a paint scheme on this type. I am impressed with the scratch built interior and propeller work. You’re observation on turbo props as they are parked is spot on………….. This is a little change that will have a big appearance in the finished build.

    I am happy that we are getting a few of the Revell kits back here in the States now…………… I’m looking forward to them restocking the new tool 1/32 scale single seat 262. That one will eventually find it’s way in my stash. I have the twin seat version.

    The “Yellow bird from Canada” is a great choice !!!

    Are your 109’s getting jealous yet ???

    Marvelous progress, and I’m looking forward to your next posting.

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