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  • Erik Gjørup said 10 months ago:

    The Twotter-line expands

    With one DHC6 in the works, items are sourced for one more

    With a set of LN-decals for one of the Twin Otters of Grønlandsfly in the buildbox, this one will be made as OY-POF in 1999. I had set my heart on one from 1988, but the decals are for the latter markings.
    Just for comparison later on, here you have the 80’ies version

    As can be seen it carries Greenlandair Charter titles, being operated by the charter division of Grønlandsfly.

    One thing that needs to be corrected is the size of the window(s) in the door(s) as these are smaller than the passengerwindows. I also need to decide if I want to make one with an airstair, or one with a double door. The double door has a window in both doors, the one with an airstair does only have a window in the right door, the left door being the airstair.

    Now, how about detailing? The propellers will clearly have to be set at idle, as that is the case of all the PT6 engines I have seen (as far as my memory serves me)

    Here you have OY-BYO on the sea-ice at Upernavik before a runway was made on the island. The plane is being loaded/unloaded, both propellers at idle, even with the right engine running (to keep some heat and power during the groundstop)

    And so the build can begin!

    next up will be some repetition of a basic DHC6 build, but I shall do my utmost not to repeat too many processes from the other DHC6 I have in progress

  • George R Blair Jr said 9 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Striking paint scheme, Erik. It’s too bad there isn’t more choice in kits to use. It’s not like building a 109 where you have the choice of 200-300 different kits from 50 different manufacturers. You worked in Greenland? Flew over Greenland several times in the 1970s & 1980s when I was in the Air Force. Really striking scenery when the weather is good enough to see the ground.

  • Erik Gjørup said 9 months, 4 weeks ago:

    You are absolutely right George, one in 1/72 that is quite long in the teeth, and a resin 1/144 as far as I know. But there is a lot of different decals to choose from, and up till now I have found absolutely no AM parts! I am considering if it would be possible to work with someone to bring a few to the market.

    Anyway, I worked there from 1988 till 1996 and again 1999-2001, first in Nuuk (godthåb), then Ilulissat (Jakobshavn), Narsarsuaq (Narsarssuak/Bluie West One), Kangerlussuaq (Sonderstrom Air Base), Qaarsut (near Uumannaq), Kulusuk (Bluie East Two?) and Constable Point, and visiting the settlements and towns from the far north in the west to half up the eastcoast.

    The scenery is really something even on the ground 🙂 @gblair

  • Erik Gjørup said 9 months, 4 weeks ago:

    I can see clearly now. . .

    The passengers are in for a treat in this post!

    As mentioned in the Canadian DHC6 build in this group, the windows are sticking out quite a bit. To correct this I have been sanding them down after installing them with Tamiya Extra Thin liquid cement and letting them dry/cure fully.

    Starting with a coarse sandingstick to bring them down to near the final thickness I worked my way through 4 different sticks, ending with a polishing fluid.

    First sanding was terminated before the stick touched the wall, then a medium brought it to the wall.

    The difference is big, but the clear has been sacrificed – at least until polishing took place.

    Now, having flattened the outside it seemed a shame to leave the insides. As the glass has been installed it was necessary to remove the division guide, but with the upper and lower part in place it will be fine.

    And a lot of sanding and scraping later the walls are flush with the glass

    On to the medium stick etc, ending with a polishing fluid and then giving it all a once-over with a cotton cloth.

    Now, that is more like it – see the difference? I think it makes a huge improvement on this Matchbo. . eehh Revell kit.

    More work will take place to bring the left side up to speck. Oh, and a new name for this venture; De HALDvilland Works. . . (assemblyline style warrants a works title, and living near a village called Hald . . you get the play of words I guess)

    Next time I think will be some work on the enginenacelles, no promises though – stay tuned and feel free to comment

  • Stephen W Towle said 9 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Great kit. Erick have you considered modifying the kit’s wind screen? The up right supports/ posts are way too thick and the front windows are too narrow because of it. Which, takes away from what is basically is a good kit. Match Box made kits that were pretty good in out line and you have to do the rest. I’ve been following this string as inspiration for my build.
    I live near a airport that maintains DH Beavers and Otters. Changing out the floats for landing gear with ski’s on occasions. Some of the single engine Otter’s have been heavily modified with new tails similar to the twin engine version and they also get a new turbo bolted on up front.

  • Erik Gjørup said 9 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Thank you @stephen-w-towle – indeed the basics are right. And I am considering many changes, even thinking of making some AM in co-operation with someone that might be able to make proper mouldings. First off will be a new cockpit to adress the windscreen, but propellers/spinners, maybe even the engine or at least the exhausts, end then there is those wheels. . . the 1983 stamp is beginning to show 🙂
    Hope you will share your build here too? – Beavers and Otters! you lucky guy!

  • Erik Gjørup said 9 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Looking forward!

    Well – enginenacelles has to wait as I got inspired to modify the windscreen

    @stephen-w-towle asked last time if I had considered modifying this. And so, that became my day-off quest!

    I started by filing the lower corners down and thinning the edges, as they are the most obvious error.

    Sorry no pictures of the filing, but you may see the larger opening.

    Now, with that done, I wondered what to do with the top. Many comments through time on the kit said it that the roof was too low, but I do not think so. It is the windscreen that is too high in my humble opinion.

    To address that a template was made that insert a bit in that area. This has the added benefit that I can make a better cockpit ceiling. I suppose if I manage to make new windows they will be a lot better that the kitparts, making this an area that will be visible.

    The plastic obviously needs trim, but that was where I stopped as other projects need attention around the farm.

    I can add that the rudder has been carved off as it will have to be corrected at the vertical stabilizer. More on that another time. Oh – and off camera the wings got glued and left in light pressure as they appeared to be bent a little.

    And with that in progress attention may go to the nacelles next?

  • Stephen W Towle said 9 months, 3 weeks ago:

    I can’t thank you enough on the photos and the wind screen mods are very help full in improving this kit. How many millimeters would you say are needed for the up right supports Erik? How thick should they be? Looking good.

  • Erik Gjørup said 9 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Thank you Stephen. I do not have the exact measurements on hand. I filed it down to the inner frame, and the lower part more or less aligns with the upper edge of the vertical part of the side-window. I may carve off some more – perhaps on the sidewindows. There is a balance between what I want and what is possible I think as it should be really thin but still giving somewhere to place the glue.

    I will try to make an update tomorrow as I have spent the day working on the plane! – stay tuned @stephen-w-towle

  • Greg Kittinger said 9 months, 1 week ago:

    Another nice set of projects, and excellent effort at improvements!

  • Erik Gjørup said 9 months ago:

    Thank you @gkittinger – another update any minute now!

  • Erik Gjørup said 9 months ago:

    Please remain seated until the plane has come to a complete halt

    Not the nacelles this time, but some more tuning and scrapbuilding some seats

    The windscreen gets some more attention, and the interior is in the works. I really feel a need to make some more of these and start up yet another production-line here at HalfWorks, but that have to wait till some more 109’s reaches the exit-door.

    Now, the up right supports will as Stephen said need to be thinned. I have started with the windscreen part, and will address the door later on.

    It is all done by eye, but check with the ruler.

    I think it will need to be a bit thinner. The door can easily be thinned and then the window will be cut, leaving the fixed triangle (maybe – may be replaced), as the larger part is with parallel edges, it can easily be replicated in clear sheet – maybe even leaving it a bit open (slides down into the door)

    There has been some progress in the cabin, with the airstairdoor made from plastic sheet – just a rough shape as it is closed.

    I think it will be visible with the smoothened glass – perhaps even through the windscreen as the door has been opened!

    Seats are in progress, and just for the fun of it I have prepared them for framing, not just mounted on blocks as in the CAF version built.

    I do know all the work may be hidden, but I wanted to challenge my learningcurve, and if the work pays off, I plan on a future build with open doors.

    And now, as the coffee has run through, I will do some armchairaviation before going back to the bench.

    With the degree of attention (or lack thereof) I have it is difficult to tell what’s next – you simply have to stay tuned to find out! – feel free to comment

  • Stephen W Towle said 9 months ago:

    Some Brilliant work going on with the wind shield. Keep up the good work Erick.

  • Erik Gjørup said 9 months ago:

    Thanks Stephen for comments here and the CAF build (and thanx to george too on the CAF comments)

    Now, another post is coming here any minute now!


  • Erik Gjørup said 9 months ago:

    Seats ready for details and paint

    I managed to get a bit done on the seats yesterday

    And with them all roughly assembled, they were located on the floor to check if they would do.

    The windows were sanded flush earlier, and that is looking a lot better I think.

    Here you have it all lined up;

    Isn’t that nice. . . – if I may say so. I like how this progresses, and now there has to be installed armrests and ashtrays and magazineholders and . . . STOP – maybe just armrests and some paint to depict carpentry and insulation etc.

    Who would know it would be that munch fun to stroll down civvy street

    And once again I really have no idea what is comin’ next – stay tuned

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