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  • Sebastijan Videc said 1 month, 3 weeks ago:

    Thanks guys! Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of time of different model parts used on movie props. But this one really screams out as the whole shape was just copied!

    Anyhow time for weekly update:

    Last week I received Reedoak 3D printed figures to be used on diorama. Oh boy, I can’t believe how far 3D printing technology has advanced! Layer edges that were in the past really prominent on this kind of prints are almost non existant on these figures. I had to use a magnifying lens to spot it, but even then, it look like a texture to the textile more than layering. Really amazing. These figures aren’t cheap, but they look better than anything I have seen so far.

    I am no figure painter and it was a first time for me to work with Mr.Paint acrylic paints specially made for figure painting. I have to say I am satisfied with the result – keep in mind that the figure on the screen is several times the real size so everything looks better balanced on 1:1 scale.

    Finished painting the “spine” interiors.

    and she’s slowly coming together.

  • Sebastijan Videc said 1 month, 2 weeks ago:

    Not much time for model building last week as daughter had high fever and ear infection but nevertheless I managed to finish something during the weekend.

    Dryfitted the wings and tailerons and attached the fins – Tomcat, baby!

    Was playing with different shades of metallic colours, picking out single petals, and attacking those with washes. I’ll further putt a matt coat on them as they’re too shiny now and probably add a little more staining.

    And dryfit of the nozzles – They look really nice attached to the fuselage. Had to bypass instructions a bit so I can remove and install them later in the build.

  • Sebastijan Videc said 3 weeks, 5 days ago:

    After a coat of AMMO One Shot primer I’ve put a marbled coat of Lt. Ghost Grey on.

    Marbling was first done coarser and will be made finer later.

    Before final painitng I added brown marbling on the areas of higher wear and tear.

    And the final subtle effect. But the painting is not done yet.

  • Robert Royes said 3 weeks, 4 days ago:


  • Sebastijan Videc said 2 weeks, 4 days ago:

    Last progress report of 2018.

    Did further weathering of the overpainted panels and added grime and dirt on the most often used panels.

    Added antiglare panel, over-intake walkways and painted the canvas bags and airbrake interior.

  • Robert Royes said 2 weeks, 4 days ago:

    Awesome progress!

  • Sebastijan Videc said 4 days, 3 hours ago:

    Not much to show but quite a lot of work has been invested into the model in the last couple of weeks.

    The interior compartments were give a coat of White paint.

    Afterwards the details were painted and a wash was applied to enhance the shadows.

    The right hand side was given the same treatment.

    With all the details painted and wings and pylons attached, it’s time to gloss it up and finally start the decalling process!

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