Messermarine Spitschmitt 109 Mk.Vb FINISHED

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  • Erik Gjørup said 1 year, 6 months ago:

    a WHAT?

    a Messermarine Spitschmitt 109 Mk.Vb?

    This is the (in)famous Spitfire Mk Vb that was used by Daimler Benz to prove that a German engine was as good as a Merlin. The Spitfire was belly-landed on Jersey, and a DB605 engine from a Bf 110 was installed with the cowls from a Bf 109. (for better description visit Tolgoa Ulgurs build here on imodeler at As I continue my quest for more 109’s I thought this combo might be an excuse for something different. Can it be added to my growing 109 collection? – Well I do think so, and therefore it’s all ahead slow;

    There has been two After Market detail-kits that I know of; LF Model has one labelled as designed for Fujimi kit, and Fusion has one to fit a Tamiya.

    The LF kit has a resin fuselage that largely resembles the Tamiya kit – I haven’t made a proper check of the wings, but the fuselage is an exact match to the Tamiya fuselage! LF supplies decals for the plane, and there is a new propeller/spinner/exhaust. It is clearly cast without vacuum, and has a lot of trapped air.

    The Fusion kit is a very well made resin nose, and a cut along panellines makes it a drop-in conversion complete with propeller/spinner/exhaust, all well made, but with no decals or instructions to speak of.

    Third option is a Quickboost Bf 110 engine, but obviously that will need major scratchbuilding.

    Hannants stock the LF-model conversion, and Ultracast has the Fusion conversion. The Bf 110 engine is available a lot of places I think.

    Next up the chosen way forward will be revealed – stay tuned, and feel free to comment

  • Louis Gardner said 1 year, 6 months ago:

    Now this is going to be a great one to watch…….. Sign me up !!!

  • George R Blair Jr said 1 year, 6 months ago:

    Sign me up, too. Can’t wait to see this mash-up with the Erik touch.

  • Greg Kittinger said 1 year, 6 months ago:

    whooaaa – you had me at “Messermarine Spitschmitt!” Bring it!

  • Erik Gjørup said 1 year, 6 months ago:

    Thank you gents – another post following in a minute or so.

    @lgardner, @gblair, @gkittinger

  • Erik Gjørup said 1 year, 6 months ago:

    And the winner is. . . (drumroll)

    let’s FUSION this kite!

    The LF is not entirely bad, but I still have my reservations on resin-dust, and it will need a lot of sanding. The Fusion on the other hand is rather heavy, having been cast in one large piece, but all the initial work is done by carving, creating no dust.

    Here you have the first comparison of a inserted fusion and a LF fuselage.

    The LF fuselage is without any internal details wich added to make the choice an easy one.

    Fast forward, the fuselage halves have been cut, and interiorgreen painted.

    The Tamiya cockpit has been started as well.

    Now – how about that cockpit? Did the Germans add german throttles? After all, it was a bellylanded plane that needed some degree of work – and a complete paintjob and reworked forward fuselage. Engine instruments and handles might be same as 109’s, but as I have failed finding any photos It is up to the imagination to fill in the blanks.

    Next I think the interior will be finished and fuselage assembled – stay tuned. Oh and please share any info you might have on this one – all is appreciated!, the more the merrier

  • Erik Gjørup said 1 year, 6 months ago:

    some minor details

    not fully ready to assemble the fuselage, here’s a small update

    A bit of surfin’ brought the well known pictures of this one on screen, but also a picture from the rear quarter that was new to me.

    Having enlarged and guessed I decided that the primer pump on the IP had to go together with the sight. And on the headrest the voltage regulator was removed as the instruments was changed to german 24 volt items as opposed to 12 volts on the original.

    Now, I ought to have made an IP something along the lines of a 109, but no pictures has surfaced, so that will have to be next time I build this plane.

    Also as it was refitted I think there might have been some colorchanges as well, probably RLM02 or 66 for the cockpit. At least I think it safe to say that I will have to insert a german pump for the fuel (the one with two large yellow lids/handles)

    Any thoughts? – feel free to share them!

  • James B Robinson said 1 year, 6 months ago:

    Wow Erik @airbum, can’t believe I missed this. Well………….yes I can considering what all is going on around the world. Got all excited on Tuesday when they said we had to go home…………then they told me to take my Laptop with me and work from home. 🙁 No modeling time during the week.

    Having seen a few A/C that have had the misfortune of landing wheels up, I would think that the only things that would change in the cockpit are pretty much what you have already considered. Anything that was needed to control the different engine.

    Looking forward to seeing this one to finish!

  • Louis Gardner said 1 year, 6 months ago:

    Erik, @airbum
    Have you considered replacing the oxygen bottles and radio equipment as well ?? I would think the Germans would have replaced these things in addition to the items you mentioned. I’m curious if they removed the instrument panel and replaced the instruments or did the Germans replace the entire panel with one from a Bf-109 ???

    I am making an educated guess on these questions, as quite frankly I don’t know the proper answer…….. Maybe you or someone else knows ????

    I remember reading something about the throttle, mixture and propeller controls on the FW-190 A8 that was restored by the Smithsonian. Granted it’s a radial engine versus an inverted V-12, but the Germans incorporated the pitch, throttle and mixture controls into one easy to operate unit on the FW-190A. This idea was well ahead of it’s time, and according to the book I have on the restoration of the Smithsonian’s 190, wasn’t done again until the mid 1960’s on a Beechcraft. (going from memory)

  • Erik Gjørup said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    @jamesb, you didn’t missit – you just came into the stream a bit later but nothing that matters as progress is slow.

    @lgardner the radios are all out, and none of the German kind added. I decided for now that the details will have to wait till the next time, as there simply is no pictures I have been able to find. I would lean to the german IP theory as the instruments were changed to LW standard, and I do believe they had different sized holes. For now the RAF bottles stay in place, but it is a good guess they too had been changed. As for the enginemanagement I read that the swiss modified their Emils to constantspeed propellers, but I suppose this one might have had 109 throttles as ewll to handle the engine. This time around I have kept the originals though.

    Anyway thank you both for the thoughts and comments – they will be duly noted for the next build if one comes up – after all I have material for one more, even though only one of these were modified in this way.

  • Erik Gjørup said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    Closing time

    The fuselage and the wings are assembled, and some testfitting taking place

    Not too far into the build yet, but at least it now starts to look like a plane.

    The major assemblies ready

    – and testfitting took place.

    Not at all bad – some fettling and filling and filing will probably take place, but for now I just enjoyed the testassembly

    and then some details and stuff – stay tuned

  • George R Blair Jr said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    Looking good, Erik, @airbum The change in the profile of the nose is more subtle than I thought. Paint should really make it look interesting. How many models do you have going now? How do you keep them all separate?

  • Erik Gjørup said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    Thank you @gblair. You are absolutely right – it is no big change – that will come with the massive propeller I think! As for the paint, the two conversions have two different sets of colors for the one plane – I may have to build both 🙂
    In progress – well depends how you count them. I usually start with a good wash, and then they are stacked – just came across two today that had been washed FEB19, but the ones that has actual work done – not really sure, some 8 or 10 I think. I keep them in a large flat plastic box, and stack them alongside the workbench, then I open the top box, see what can be done, and if it fits the time available progress is made, if the time available is not sufficient, they are moved to a new stack, the next box opened etc – that sort of works here at HalfWorks, even though I seem to keep pushing a certain PE build each time. Oh well one day. . . (and now I will have to wash something for the Empire-groupbuild – got one empty box right now that may be taken into use)

  • Erik Gjørup said 1 year, 4 months ago:

    Not so clipped

    The spitschmitt gets wingtips and tailfeathers

    Oh yes, and the glass gets glued into position – I’ll let the pictures do the talking;

    And with that set aside to cure, coolers will be next before primer

    Next I may get it on its gear – stay tuned

  • Erik Gjørup said 1 year, 4 months ago:


    Masked and the “inside” of the canopy painted

    Yesterday I applied a little filler here and there and masked the glass.

    This morning I added a few resin parts, painted the frames interior green, and sanded the filler (wet to avoid resindust) And then out in the sun to prime it with a white aerosolprimer.

    And with that it is back to the box for some days to cure before next steps. By the way, the white primer is the choice here as it will have a lot of yellow when it is finished.

    As I really do not plan ahead a lot, your guess of what is next is as good as mine – stay tuned

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