Pilatus PC mk 21 1/32 scale Scratch build

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  • Marc Barris said 9 months ago:

    Well the sabbatical is over and its time for the big one,
    I have finally decided whet the next build is going to be, Its the Pilatus PC 21, yes I do think I have a fetish for the Pilatus, and its quite worrying, but non the less I think it is really a beautiful aircraft,and it looks fast standing on the ground.

    I am returning form the Congo, and needless to say I have been planning the build, and its going to get interesting,
    I have decided to make an accurate mold of the fuselage and vac form the fuz in two halves, I want to open up the engine and all the inspection panels, all scratch built of course. The wing will be made as they do in the Pilatus factory, with moveable flaps and all the inspection panels opened.
    I managed to get some real good plans from Pilatus with some awesome pictures for reference.

    I will be posting the progress as I have been asked by some of you for more in detail info as I progress, I am still a novice at this, so I will give it a good go.
    I would like the finished model to be a true replica in all respects, size, detail and finish.

    So stand back (as I am) and lets see what we can do, you guys are a tough crowd to impress, being great modellers and all.

    If any of you want any additional info drop me a PM and I will send you my E Mail address.



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  • Craig Abrahamson said 9 months ago:

    From what I’ve seen, I would hardly call it “novice” craftsmanship. I look forward to following your progress in this undertaking. I’m sure it’ll be another ‘winner’, sir. 🙂

  • Marc Barris said 9 months ago:

    Hey Craig, I will have the plastic card this week, then I will be starting, I will keep you posted.

  • Morne Meyer said 9 months ago:

    Another MASTERPIECE in the making. Can’t wait to see the end result!!!!

  • Greg Kittinger said 9 months ago:

    That is one sharp-looking aircraft (planform looks like a dart), and in your masterful hands I’m sure will be a masterpiece! Can’t wait for you to crack open the styrene and start carving!!

  • Louis Gardner said 9 months ago:

    This is going to be good !!!!!!!!!! I’ll be looking forward to reading your updates.

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