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Traditionally, the Chinese have a calendar year that is named after some sort of animal. This year is the “Year of the Rooster”. So what do you think about this ??????

The year of the “Cat” ……………………..

1. Anything would go that was named after any sort of Cat / Feline.

2. Any scale

3. No limits as far as entries. You can build as much as you like.

4. Straggler’s are welcomed.

5. Anyone can join. No invitation is required.
Simply start a build article or make a comment and you are automatically in……………

6. The ending dates will not be strictly enforced.
Please continue to post on your subject though if you happen to run past February 16th, 2018.

7. A new build or one that is not yet completed may be posted. If you have projects that have stalled, this may be a good excuse to finish them up. Post what you have done so far and carry on from there.

8. (the very most important part) Have some fun !!!!!!

I’m talking about most of the Grumman planes, Hellcat, Wildcat, Bearcat, Tigercat, Panther jets, Cougars, F-14 Tomcats,

Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawks, “Flying Tiger’s” SEPECAT Jaguar’s, what have you……………..

But wait …………………….. there’s more !!!!!!

To add in a small twist for our fellow Armor builders, what about including anything Armor related such as Tiger’s, Panther’s, Jagdpanther’s, Jagdtiger’s, Sturmtiger’s, Bergepanther’s, Leopard tank’s, Puma’s and so on ????

Basically anything that was named after a cat of some sorts……………….. any scale or “Cat” subject would do. If you can find a boat or a ship with a “Cat” name or designation, that would work too.

Triumph Tiger motorcycles, various cars and Jaguar vehicles would all qualify as well.

George Williams came up with another brilliant twist. Why not carry it over until the Chinese New Year ???? It’s on February 16th, 2018, and ironically, it is followed by the “Year of the Dog” next. This will give us even more time to complete our projects.

So …………. What do you think ?????? Care to join in on the fun ???

We can post our completed builds starting on February 16th, 2018. If you can’t wait that long, go ahead and post your completed builds in the “Headlines” section. I will post a Group Build recap a week or so after the reveals are completed.

I should have the “recap” done sometime around the end of February / early March 2018.

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