Hey all!
My friends call me 6Pak! I’m a middle aged novice builder from the Toronto, Canada area. I’ve recently gotten back into the building hobby, having a lot of time on my hands, as a result of an accident. Mainly 1:72, with a focus on current military kits. I’m striving to build a large military base set in the middle east. Think of it as a large train layout, but without the train. This will definitely be a “work in progress” (like me), for years to come.

I say I’m a novice builder, but I do have some experience. I’m a self taught “hacker”, watching any videos I can find on the task of the day. I enjoy tinkering and adding lights and motors to my builds to give them more life. All done by trial and error, and hopefully learning something as I go along.

I look forward to any conversations we might have, and consider myself lucky to be in the company of such skilled modelers! Yes, I’m a huge kiss***!


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