Returned to the hobby about two years ago after an absence of more than two decades, and I find I love building models as much as I did when I was a youngster!

I was born in South Africa and lived there for fifty years before moving first to the Azores, then Japan and eventually Australia. Married to my third wife (she’s a Dutchie by birth) and am now retired. Had many jobs in my time: regular soldier (infantry and AA Artillery), apprentice miller, reporter, teacher (for 24 years at a wonderful boys’ school), art gallery curator, and eventually sales assistant in luxury European furniture and kitchens, and then mattresses and beds. I retired and now have the free time (but not always the money!) to practise the hobby.

I have three children from my first marriage: two sons, both in England, the eldest in the Royal Artillery and the other a landscaper, and a daughter in Cape Town who’s a lawyer.

My other hobbies include photography, reading, painting, cooking and travel (when we have the money!).