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Lockheed Model 9 Orion 1/48 AMT conversion

I can't quite remember when this was completed,I'm pretty sure sometime before 1985. The subject is the Lockheed model 9 Orion which shared a number of components with the more well known Vega. I started with the venerable AMT Lockheed Ve[...]

DH-4 in U.S. Mail Service Aurora 1/48

Another of my builds from my distant past. (When did I get so old?!? ) Completed 36 years ago from the even then ancient Aurora DH-4 kit. Modifications include removal of all surface detail, the markings where depicted by raised outlines remem[...]

WNW 1/32 Fokker E.III (late)

A kit that's a lot easier than you might expect. I would recommend it as a "first rigging model" to someone considering doing WW1 models, it's really that simple. Done as the E.III Max Immelmann was shot down in. Completely OOB.

Tamiya 1/48 F4U-2

I love the Corsair, and I particularly enjoy building Tamiya Corsairs. This was my first folded wing corsair. I used pictures from the Osprey book on Corsair aces (This aircraft was on the USS Enterprise) to help me to paint this one. It is the [...]

Grumman Widgeon USCG

I present my build of the Classic Airframes Widgeon. I chose the USCG markings because of its story, but also because I didn't have any WW2 era Coast Guard Aircraft in my collection. The USCG did a lot to protect the Eastern Seaboard. I am espec[...]

Accurate Miniatures F3F-1

This is my favorite kit of all time. 1/48 scale. I painted this entirely with Tamiya spray cans, except for the red cowl ring. The cowl ring was painted with a Testors lacquer spray can red that was an exact match for the Yellow Wings decals [...]

1/32 f-100d

Built out of the box (before all the resin was out). I stretched the wing tanks to the proper size and added napalm from a Trumpeter 1/32F-105. Thanks, Rob

1/32 hasegawa A-4e

I added a seat, scribed the bird, and added shrikes from a Trumpeter F-105 (which I had to fix). Paint is Floquil, Decals are kit. Thanks, Rob

1/32 Fisher F9F-8 Cougar

Built out of the box. This is a fantastic resin kit!!!!! Painted with Mr. Color, glossed using the Mr Color rattle can, and the deck is from nautilus models. Thanks, Rob


Hi all! This is my most recent build, an Academy MiG-21. It was a pretty straightforward build, with no real problems that I can think of.