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AMT A-20 for a Guest of the Club

As part of being a club member from IPMS Ocala is getting to meet some very interesting people. This person is F.L(Tony) Svore who was an A-20 Pilot with The Roaring 20's 312th Bomb Group 386th Bomb squadron in the Pacific. I first met him at Th[...]

Monogram 1/48th Grumman F9F-5 Panther USN,Korean War

Staying in the Korean War theme, this is Monograms kit in 48th scale. A nice build, even with the raised panel lines, it is a fun kit to build. A straight forward build only aftermarket used were Super Scale decals for VF-123, Blue Racers, US[...]

AMT/Airfix Eagle transporter

I picked this kit up at a show the other week for a fiver,it was part built and required taking apart and tidying up before rebuilding and painting but I think it turned out O.K. The kit itself is very basic even toylike having only 38 parts an[...]

1/48 Hasegawa F4U-5N Corsair

A few years back a friend of mine asked me to build a Korean war aircraft for her father who served on the USS Boxer in Korea. I built her this F4U-5N from Hasegawa to give to her dad. The model is almost OOB, but I did add PE seatbelts. Paints [...]

Aurora/Heller Prestige Series 1/72 Bucker Bu 133 “Jungmeister”

In 1933, the "Jungmeister" (Young Champion) 133 was the flegling Luftwaffe's primary trainer. As an export, it was flying in 20 different countries by 1937. It's still flying, in a modified form, aerobatics at todays airshows. At 3 1/8th i[...]

Lakenheath Mudhen

This is the 1/48 Academy kit of a F-15E Strike Eagle from 492nd FS (RAF Lakenheath), depicted as deployed to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, 2006, hence a little dirtier than at home. Except for a few RBF tags, everything is OOB. Those of you w[...]

Harrier GR.5, 1/72nd Airfix (conversion)

Here's the latest. Airfix's recent Harrier GR.9 converted to a GR.5. Nose is from Quickboost. Pilot is from PJ Productions. Thousand pounders from the Revell Tornado, Sidewinders from the Hasegawa weapons set. Painted with Mr Color, decals are a[...]

Hobby Boss 1/48 F-84F Thunderstreak

Following the introduction of the North American F-86 Sabre with wings swept 35 degrees, Republic determined to update their straight-wing F-84 with a swept wing. A wing with 38.5 degrees of sweep and 5 degrees of anhedral were developed and w[...]

USS Harder from Revell 1/180 kit of USS Lionfish…

The USS Harder SS-257 was a Gato Class Fleet Submarine. She was built by the Electric Boat Company at Groton, Connecticut, and launched on 19 August, 1942. One of the most famous submarines of WW2, her skipper was Cmdr Samuel D. Dealey, “a subma[...]

SBD-5 Walk-Around

These were taken in '08 at the Deland airport here in FL. Just found 'em on an old CD I'd forgotten about. Deland was once a NAS (it now is the center for a skydiving school and has a small "museum")'s about 15-20 miles west of Daytona Beach.