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Yet more old Monogram builds

To join in on the trip down memory lane here are a few of my old Monogram models, all were completed between 25 and 30 years ago. Eric aka The Yankymodeler

Monogram 1/48 Models done long ago

I dug up these photos of some of the models I did a long time ago. I had a brief time away from modeling and then returned in 1968. My first kit upon my return was the Monogram 1/48 Hurricane. I built it OOB and painted it with gloss paint and a[...]

Spitfire Mk XIVe in 1/32 scale Pacific Coast Models – by Tony Prince.

There's something appealing about the more muscular shape of the Spit XIV. At the time I built this one PCM had not yet produced their XIV & the only way to get one was to use their Spitfire Mk.IX kit, do some serious surgery & add RB Pr[...]

Lucky You!!! Found some OLD pitchers….

from '05, a Hasegawa 1/48 T-Bolt I put together back in the day. This boxing featured the great post-war "braggin" scheme" of the 56th FG, and I hadda do it. Sorry about the photo quality, this was before I knew what i was doing (hold on, I STI[...]

1/48 Hobbycraft P-40

Standing alone, the Hobbycraft version doesn't look bad. Sitting next to all the other P-40's on my shelf, doesn't improve the looks. The landing gear is the give away. It could stand to be raised about an 1/8th of an inch. The tail wheel n[...]

1/48 Monogram T-28A Trojan

I don't know which version Monogram did first, the A or B, but I completed the B, before I came upon this one. The only difference I can see is the cowl and the two bladed prop. Boxing in the wheel wells took as much time as building the res[...]

1/72 Cyber Hobby SB2C3 Helldiver

Just finished this. The kit looked lovely in the box, especially the interior, but was plagued by poor instructions, ill fitting parts (dive brakes, open canopy). The engine cylinders are configured wrong. 2 of the canopy pieces snapped in half [...]

1/32 Dragon Bf-110C-7

This was a review in 2009 when the Dragon Bf-110C-7 was first released. Overall, this kit is an ill-fitting pain in the posterior which, if you persist with it, will turn into a very good-looking model in the end. The trick with this kit is t[...]

1/48 Academy F-16

This Academy kit has been around 15-20 years. It's still available, and is one of the less expensive F-16 kits. I had a set of Florida ANG for an F-16, which was why I got the kit. I ended up with a simple kit, simple decals, and a simple pa[...]

1/48 Monogram P-40

Back to basics. Straight out-of-box. I think this one has been around as long as the "Flying Tigers" themselves ! When I finally got around to building it, I discovered it wasn't a bad kit at all, for it's day. They're still re-issuing [...]