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1/48 Monogram Harrier

Yes, we do jets too ! An aftermarket set of decals and a lttle different.paint job, and a very basic kit, made for an interesting addition to my Harrier collection.

Dragon 1/32 Bf110C Nightfighter WIP – No Black paint was used in the commission of this ‘sin’….

This is a WIP of my 1/32 Dragon 110C-7 kit, painted as L1+DH of NJG3, as it was photographed at Benghazi, Libya in 1941, with replacement tail surfaces from a Dayfighter. What makes it "interesting" is that I used no black paint to achieve the [...]

1/48 Monogram Lockheed F-5B (P-38) Lightning

Another 1/48 Monogram Classic. I opted for the photo nose, making it an F-5B. OOB.

1/48 Accurate Miniatures TBF-1C Avenger

Accurate Miniatures' Avengers, along with their SBD Dauntless and F3F series, are among the best 1/48 scale aircraft kits ever produced. Everything - from surface and interior detail to fit of the parts - is about as good as it gets in injected [...]

1/350 Graf Spee by Academy

This is one of my earliest big ships and it was a joy to build. Despite Academy's heavy handed molding of the finer details, I found the model to be very satisfying. I was able to replace most of them with extra/alternate parts from the Drago[...]

eduard 1/48 F6F-3 “Flatleys Hellcat”

this is the mount of famous aviator LT CMDR. James H. Flatley Jr. as it would have appeared in the summer of 1943 when he commanded an air group aboard the U.S.S. Yorktown II...CV-10..."The Fighting Lady"...jimmy was a personal friend of my dad [...]

1/48 Tamiya Do-335

This is a buddy build with my good friend and master modeler, Rusty Rhea. He built the interior and landing gear, while i did the major structure and painting. Rusty spent 19 hours just on the seat, and 11 on the control yoke! The idea here i[...]

Foreign Hurricane

This is a recent club challenge build of a Pegasus snap-together kit in 1/48th scale. I am surprised that a $10 kit designed for beginners would have wheel well and cockpit detail -- chunky, yes, but respectable nonetheless. I decided to paint[...]

1/72 Airfix Bristol 170 Mk.32 Superfreighter

If you've noticed any of my past "selected files", you've probably answered the question you ask yourself while visiting the vendors at your local show, "who buys this kind of stuff?". Here's another one. The Airfix Bristol Superfreighter. A[...]

F-80C Shooting Star in 1/32 Czech Model.

I am very fortunate to have a well trained son who shares my interest in model aircraft, to the extent that he buys me a kit from time to time for my birthdays. This one's from two years ago. Like a few other well known aircraft from the Korean [...]