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1/72 Heller Saab J-21`

As most Heller kits, this one is delicate with fine molded parts. Being an OV-10 fan, I've always liked the twin boom configuration., and found this interesting. The aircraft is larger than one may expect, and is one of the few that was conver[...]

Very generic Hobbycraft 1/144 th scale B-36

Although I was not at "The Home", I built this for a lady whose Father worked on the B-36. He is elderly and she wanted it to give to him before the inevitable happens. It does not represent a B-36 from any squadron in particular. Actually it is[...]

1/144th F-4 Phantom

Two things I rarely (if ever) do....1) 1/144th scale and 2) brush paint a model. On a whim, I recently ordered this little Academy kit when stocking up on some paints, adhesives, etc. This was a one-day build - as is most probably evident - bu[...]

Right off the (16 years ago abandoned models) j**k yard.

My last build before a 15 years vacation, my wife rescued it from an old model box in our old house. I was so proud of this build, that I decided to bring it back to life. It is severely damaged, with some parts missing, but full with memories,[...]

Zvezda 1:72 Fw-190 a-4

This is Zvezda's "Snap-fit" 1:72 Fw190 a-4 done in the markings of W.Nr.0601 of 1./JG 1 Amsterdam-Schipol, June 1943. a good kit in outline and fit. a few minor detail errors (wrong engine cooling vents, late model wheels), but overall a nice [...]

A quick pic for Craig in honor of his 46

Loved your Phrog Craig and so I cropped a picture I have of the cave to show the Julian Date Calendar I got when I was in HSC 21. It is from HC 11s Quality Assurance shop, and is in the shape of a 46. THEY WERE GOING TO THROW IT AWAY!!!! I sai[...]

Academy 1/48 CH-46D Sea Knight

Just finished up this evening....or at least as finished as it's probably gonna get. There were dozens and dozens of various other stenciling and markings, but 90% of 'em were in light gray. Seein's how that's the paint scheme I chose, why bo[...]

F7U-3 Cutlass Of VA-212 aboard Bon Homme Richard 1957

When I reported aboard BHR in 1957 this aircraft was on the flight deck. It was the only one on board and appeared to have been left over from VA-212. I have no other information on this except that it was lifted off and where it went is unknown[...]

Seahawk disaster!!

Hi all, I am finally reaching the end of my classic airframes Seahawk but as you can see the dark sea grey has shown through the ace of hearts insignia, I have considered carefully masking it of and painting in the white part but I am pretty sur[...]

(Drumroll) Presenting….. The Tamiya Corsair

Here's a few shots of the model completed today. It's done as Ken Walsh's first "No. 13," BuNo 02350, in which he may have scored a couple kills (records are unclear), but it definitely became an "ace's plane" when he scored #5 and they put the[...]