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Blackpool (U.K.) airshow 11.08.13.

I thought I would share these pictures with you, I know they aren't that great but I still think they are worth a look.How many times do you get to see one off the only two flying Lancasters in the world as well as the worlds only flying Vulcan.[...]

Spitfires (and a Hurricane) @ Chino – 2004

Was going through the files and here are some interesting pictures of Spitfires that used to live at Chino. The P.R.XIX PM891 is of particular interest. When it retired from the Thai Air Force in 1961, the King of Thailand presented it to Ed M[...]

Trumpeter 1/100th Antonov An-12BK Cub

My favorite of the three Trumpeter kits, I built. The scale is a little different, being 1/100th, instead of the usual 1/144th. Unlike the other two, this one has an interior, for what it's worth. It makes a decent shelfmate for the two IIy[...]

North American A-36A Apache by Accurate Miniatures in 1/48 scale

Not as glamorous an aircraft as its pure fighter stablemates, but a hard worker nonetheless. This represents a 'plane serving in Italy sometime in 1943-44. Worn, faded & dirty. I built this kit quite some time ago & it still stands up we[...]

Trumpeter 1/144th IIyushin IL-78 Midas

The IL-78 is another nice Trumpeter kit, and a good companion for the A-50 Mainstay. A fairly easy build, with no major flaws. It's an impressive size model for a smaller scale. While I'm glad to have these on the shelf, I don't think I woul[...]

1/48 Eduard Hellcat II

This is the recent Eduard Weekend Edition Hellcat II. I finished it with Humbrol enamels and kit decals. I also added True Details wheels, Eduard seat belts, and scratchbuilt the drop tank retention straps from scrap brass. This kit is the fi[...]

Dragon/DML 1/48th Scale Ho229A-1 Flying Wing

This model started its life in my good friend Franks capable hands and then just sort of died and was relegated to the pile of “doom” in his model cave. Well, I spied it and asked him about what was up with it. His response was “I hate that th[...]

Spoiling the Wing party with a ground pounder….

Tamiya's rehash of the 1/35 CMK Panzer 35 (t). This is a nice'n easy build for thems of you that would like to try an armor kit. Tamiya put in a new track sprue and guns, even so I used a Lion Marc barrel, it's got the tiny holes in the muzzle b[...]

Verlinden 48th Scale Carrier Deck Equipment

A few years back Verlinden Products brought out several pieces of carrier deck equipment that really got me excited. I like to display my models in their natural environment when possible. I found these to be excellent examples of equipment comm[...]

Hasegawa 1/32 Spitfire Vb, S/Ldr Jan Zumbach of 303 Squadron

The Hasegawa Spitfire Vb dates to the mid-1970s. Despite having raised panel detail, with rescribing it makes up into a nice model, though I recommend picking up both the resin cockpit and the Rotol prop from Greymatter figures, both of which c[...]